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 Sexual Abuse in Today’s Society 

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 Sexual Abuse in Today’s Society  essay
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In the past twenty years being a women in today’s society is becoming harder and harder. You used to be able to walk down the street alone at night and not worry about being followed, or being cat called. Now, in 2019, it is hard to even walk outside during the day, with a group, without having the fear of being followed or cat called. Sexual abuse is sexual activity without consent. Sexual abuse has been a problem in the world for decades, but due to social media, it has become more talked about and more awareness has been spread. Sexual abuse is anywhere from being called a name to rape. Young girls are a huge target for sexual abusers, they are more vulnerable and most likely to not fight back. A lot of sexual abuse happens in the workplace, and a lot of people are too scared to speak up for themselves. Sexual abuse isn’t just being abused, it comes with many effects on the victim. A lot of side effects come with sexual abuse, like depression, and PTSD. Effects do vary with age in sexual abuse. Young children will experience different effects than older adults. Sexual abuse takes a huge toll on a person, and should not being taken lightly. Sexual abuse has been a huge topic in today’s celebrities lives. In today’s society, sexual abuse is becoming more of a common thing and it a huge problem, it’s starting to become more relevant in hollywood , and victims are too scared to share their stories.

The percentage of men and women that get sexually abused a year is around 20-35%. This means someone you know has been sexually abused. This number gets higher year by year. Sexual abuse has recently surfaced in the world of celebrities. The most famous account of sexual abuse is Kesha vs. Dr. Luke. In 2014, Kesha Rose Sebert, or Ke$ha, filed a lawsuit against Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald. Kesha’s argument is Dr Luke had sexually abused her to the point where she almost died. This was a huge scandal in the social medias eyes. People were protesting Sony records, which Lukasz was an affiliate with. There were other celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa, who supported Kesha through these hard times until she got justice. Getting justice for Kesha took a while, but she finally got some closure. There were go funds me started to help her raise money to buy Sony out of her contract, because they said she had a contract with Lukasz’ company and not Sony, even though he worked for Sony. This the exact reasons why victims of sexual abuse don’t speak up about their problems. Sony had a lot of backlash because of this and it sent their company to the dumps. Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, and that is why it needs to be taken more seriously.

There isn’t just one type of sexual abuse either. There are many different types like in men, women, kids, cases including drugs/alcohol, and some including incest. The overall definition of sexual assault is the same, but it comes with different types. The most common is in women. One important thing about the different types is it is never the victim’s fault.Women most likely get raped or touched in a way they didn’t consent. Children are usually victims of child pronopgorphy. Although it is less common in men and boys, sexual abuse still happens to them and it isn’t talked about enough. There has always been this stereotype, especially with teenage boys, that you always have to do stuff with a girl and if you don’t you are “weird” or “not cool”. What people don’t get us that sexual abuse with men and boys is real and is just as horrible as it is for women. Incest is when a family member rapes another family member. Lastly, Drug/alcohol sexual assault happens when people use drugs/alcohol to get a victim into their control. In the end, all types of sexual abuse are not ok, and no victim should ever feel they can’t speak up for themselves.

Although sexual assault is deemed as one of the biggest problems in the world, some people don’t like to agree. A lot of people think sexual assault isn’t as serious as it is. Most victims are scared to speak up because people don’t believe them. People say victims are lying and the defend the assaulter. There is a very small number of cases that were reported false accusations of rape, although it’s a small number it still happens. Most cases that are falsely accused are caught at an early enough stage, so there is no harm done. In a lot of cases in the judicial system side with the abuser. There has been a small percentage of cases that were proven not real. A lot of cases of sexual abuse don’t even make it to the judge. This is a huge problem in our judicial systems, this means almost all of the sexual abusers get away with it. Every person who has been sexually abused in some way should have the chance to stand up for themselves. In the end, there is no excuse for sexual abuse and no victim should ever feel scared to stand up for themselves.

Sexual abuse is a very important topic that we need to discuss more, especially to younger people. Sexual abuse in the workplace is another thing that we don’t talk about enough. Workers should feel comfortable at work and not scared of their boss or coworkers. Sexual abuse isn’t just being physical with the victim, it comes with other effects, like PTSD, depression, and other horrible things. Sexual abuse has become more relevant in the music/movie industry as well. There have been many cases of sexual abuse like Kesha vs. Dr. Luke, and Harvey Weinstein to name a few. Although there are many cases of sexual abuse, there are still 10% of cases that are not real and the person just made up the story. Although this is rare, it still happens in today’s society. In our judicial system we still have a huge problem with judges believing victims, which is why people are still skeptic to speak up about their stories. Sexual abuse is not something to be taken lightly. As a whole we need to start sticking up for victims and helping them as much as possible. There are many different organizations that can help with sexual abuse victims, and by showing awareness to those organizations, we can help so many people. In today’s society, sexual abuse is becoming more of a common thing and it a huge problem, it’s starting to become more relevant in hollywood, and victims are too scared to share their stories.

 Sexual Abuse in Today’s Society  essay

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