Role of the Transcontinental Railroad in Westward Expansion

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The Transcontinental Railroad had the greatest impact on the Industrial Revolution because it had created jobs for immigrants, made shipping efficient and cheaper, and greatly increased westward expansion. It was safe and it paved the way for modern day transportation.

The Transcontinental Railroad had helped immigrants and the poor maintain jobs working for them, none of the other inventions had done this. Two of the most successful railroad companies were given a job to create a railroad spanning from the East to West coast. They took the job and started recruiting immigrants to build the railroad for them. They had hired Irish immigrants, freed African American slaves, & civil war veterans. Central Pacific, on the other hand, had hired Chinese workers to work on the western half. Their jobs were considered dangerous because some of the materials they had to use during the creation of the railroad.

This could be counted as a huge favor considering the fact that they were creating jobs and giving them housing as well. The hard labor had paid off considering the fact that they did have times where the Native Americans in the area were angry because the decisions that were made were not legit enough for them and affected their way of life such as their eating habits. Before creating the railroads the two companies had decided it was best for them to kill the buffalo in the area because they would be in the way of construction and if there was one on the tracks the train might derail The hard labor had paid off considering the fact that they did have times where the Native Americans in the area were angry because the decisions that were made were not legit enough for them and affected their way of life such as their eating habits.

No other invention was as great as the railroad in it’s newer days, everyone loved it since they were able to travel safely and get to their destination on time.

Many liked that and had sparked lot’s of interest for many people and even inventors and engineers to create railroads to go long distances at such short prices, it was a huge upgrade. Who wouldn’t like the railroad it helped transport things so you wouldn’t be traveling in a wagon. Engineers loved the idea they liked the fact that what would take months could take days when using the railroad and most people liked that they were now able to travel across the United States & shipped things by railroad. After the railroad was created the production of railroads boomed and other railways had started being built.

Everyone wanted to travel at such cheap and affordable prices but then to top it off the tracks had made it able to travel faster than a steamship. But the fun wouldn’t last long a problem that didn’t affect the steamship affected railways,they had to divide the United States up into different time zones so that two trains would not collide since times were not the same everywhere, so when one departed in one place chances are a train was leaving at the same time in a different area. Luckily it was fixed keeping the railroad in its spot as the most important phenomena of the Industrial Revolution. Yes, the cotton gin did boost production of cotton, but the railroad boosted the transportation of everything, including cotton without it transportation would be at its lowest level of advancement.

You could pretty much say that the transcontinental railroad played a huge part in westward expansion as well since it connected the western part of the United States & shipped supplies and people to the west. Others might think that it had nothing to do with it but there were international routes that passed through the west and near the Mississippi river. Those routes also had helped 7 million people move in hopes of becoming wealthy.Everyone didn’t leave around the same time there were people who wanted to leave before others to basically reserve their land. That’s when people started making names for themselves. Yes, the Louisiana purchase played a huge part in westward expansion, but the transcontinental railroad had helped those who wanted to leave and head west faster than any other way of transportation. The United States was not the only thing expanding the population had also grown by 71 million.

The Transcontinental Railroad had created jobs for immigrants, made shipping safe and efficient, and along with that, it had helped with westward expansion. The transcontinental railroad affected the United States so well by giving you better ways to get things done faster. The point that I am trying to get to is that The Transcontinental Railroad helped you get things done, unlike the other inventions in which they didn’t give anyone jobs or housing. But worse than that they didn’t help with westward expansion.

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