Recovery Process and Alcoholism Treatment Programs

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Alcoholism is a disease and the ones that have it often feel like they cannot get out of it, or they just do not want to. In some cases, the person will voluntarily go to a rehab center because they realized that something must change. Other times, families and friends will hold interventions for their loved one in hopes of getting them to realize their problem. For someone to get over their bad habit of drinking, they can start off by going to rehabilitation centers and work their way up until they are fully over alcoholism.

To start the recovery process, the person must first understand what they are dealing with. Alcoholism is a chronic disease caused by the uncontrolled drinking of alcohol. Usually, people will start finding a curiosity in drinking when they are young. Because of the drinking, these young people are “more frequently involved in risky behaviors such as unsafe sex, reckless driving or drug consumption”. Teens and college students find an interest in alcohol for different reasons. Most people drink for recreational reasons, but they can also drink to feel good, stimulate negative feelings, and sometimes alcoholism is even inheritable and passed down through generations. Some other times, people feel that their need to drink would be due to the “psychological stressors, such as poverty, abuse, and neglect”. Alcoholism can be developed because of the environment that person is in, which is the reason these factors are associated with the high rates of alcoholism among those groups. If a child sees that their parent is an alcoholic, it is a good chance they will become one too. In fact, children of alcoholics are four times more likely to pick it up than those children of non-alcoholics. There are many different reasons why people drink and the amount of how much one drinks depends on the situation and the person.

There are many recovery centers across the nation dedicated to treating people with alcoholism. The most common and frequent recovery program is Alcoholics Anonymous, and in it, they use AA’s 12-step program. Even though not everyone thinks that this program is effective or works, in most cases after an individual has gone through with the steps, they are sober for years and maybe even for the rest of their life. There are some people that come out of the 12 steps and go back to drinking after a while, but they are probably programmed to drinking. “The First Step of AA reads, ‘We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable,” which means that if they don’t completely give up on alcohol, it is more than likely they will drink again. This step is difficult because people do not want to admit to themselves that alcohol has taken over their lives. While the first step mainly focuses on the problem, the second step starts to find the solutions. The steps are basically obstacles to help someone in the recovery process. Treatment is everywhere and accessible to anyone.

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