Reasons of Quick Islam Spreading

  • Updated December 12, 2020
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Islam originated in present day Saudi Arabia where Muhammad, a prophet, was born. The Roman Empire took almost 7 centuries to come to its final completion, meanwhile the Muslim Arabs managed to develop their empire in 140 years. With Muhammad’s guidance and teachings the Muslims were able to conquer much of the decaying Roman Empire and spread their religious beliefs quickly throughout the area. Islam originated at a center trading point so it was a popular known area. The Muslims needed more land so they conquered a large territory that was sufficient enough to support everyone. Caliphs were ordered to convert the conquered peoples to the newly spreading religion.

Islam was developed by Muhammad in the city of Mecca. This is significant because Mecca was the center point of trade during that time. According to Document A, the trade routes through Mecca were busy with a vast array of goods being shared. For example, some things that were passed along these trade routes were: spices, perfumes, precious metals, ivory and silk headed north from Yemen. Though the trading of goods was important, people came for religious purposes as well. Since so many people gathered in Islam the religion and faith was easily spread by traders and merchants. As Muhammad gained power over Mecca, it was difficult for people to avoid Islam and the ideals along with it.

In Document E, “The Ordinances of Government,” it also helped to spread Islam by explaining the rules in a sense to the Muslims to prevent any wrongful actions. The people were intrigued by this because they knew the specifics of how to be true to their faith and not stray away from Muhammad’s teachings. The author of this document, Abu al-Hasan Al-Mawardi, uses an academic tone to convey that he believed telling the Muslims rules of the government that they would then be better followers and be happier about the spread of Islam. By doing this it would portray the subject more clearly and he tells what he looks for in Islam. This also aids in seeing if the documents clearly get their points across.

In conclusion, Islam spread quickly due to the fact that it was located in a central trading area of Mecca. The Muslims needed the space to expand and wanted more new people to be converted to the religion. Islam was easily spotted geographically in the region. Finally, the caliphs were able to determine what the rules , what was allowed and what was illegal. The community wasn’t against other religions but they had to pay a fine which just led to more conversion over all.

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