Our Career, Our Choice

Updated January 11, 2022

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Our Career, Our Choice essay

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In our world today, there are several different areas of work that need more workers to help get things done. It is our students and graduates the workforce is counting on. We hold the world’s future in our hands. But, how do we choose what we want to do with our lives and what area of work we want to be in? Some students and graduates often have a difficult time figuring out what career path they want to take. Those individuals usually go straight to their parents to consult their future. They are convinced their parents already know everything needed to know about the world and will use their experience, and their comprehension to help.

Some parents motivate their children through every step they need to take in exploring their options. Some parents help their children invest in a variety of alternatives and interests and some are spoken and encouraging of the child’s career goals. Most of the parents following all these actions assist in all ways possible for their children to have a favorable outcome in their profession. Parents want what is best for their children and they know their child’s likes and hobbies. While for some people, this may be a good thing, but a lot of times this is not the case. This could result in negative effects on the student such as being forced to do a career of their parents choosing, difficulty in picking a profession, and being forced to go to college.

First, parents can have bias input when consulting them on our career choice. When the parent has bias input, they usually want or make their child choose a career path that people would have done years ago when they were in college because that was what was valuable at the time. Parents may also force their child to take the path they wished they could have taken when or if they went to college. But times have changed. The careers that were valuable back then are not the same careers that are valuable now. The parents and their children are not the same people and do not have to have the same career interests. It should not be expected for the child to want to take the same career path as the parent did or would have wanted to do.

The parents involved in this bias input will often shove their children down career paths of their choosing without deliberating the child’s alternative. Lots of individuals are and have been obligated to go to school to study in a major of their parents’ choosing because of the pressure their family puts on them. It is unfair to put your child down a path they do not want to follow. Often, this ends up leading to the child struggling in their classes, uninterested in their career, career change years down the line, anxiety, resentment, and insecurity about achieving the goals they had originally. This could result in a damaged parent and child relationship.

Secondly, all parents tend to set high expectations for their children as well. And it is obvious that children are influenced by their parents’ words, desires, and dreams for them. But I believe the parents who set high presumptions can often get too involved, or excessively worried about their child’s future. These children have no other choice but to listen to all the things their parents expect and want out of them, even if it is not necessarily what the child wants themselves. This causes the children in the situation to have a difficult time picking their choice of profession because they are having a strenuous time separating their desires from those of their parents. They are not sure if it is right for them to choose what they want over what their parents want, or the other way around.

The children could possibly develop a deep feeling of insecurity because they feel that if they seek the career they dream rather than the career their parents chose for them, they will not be good enough for their parents. They will feel like they will always be less than what they could have been, even though what they could have been is not what they wanted. If the child chooses to try to become everything expected of them they will seem to have to overachieve and struggle to be the person their parents want them to be. The stress put on the child may be so strong that they will not even try to carry on reaching for their own goals.

Lastly, I believe consulting our parents on career choice may have a negative effect on a child’s career path is forcing the child to go to college. Though the parents may believe they are doing the right thing, they might not be. Some children may not think school is for them and not want to go to college. A lot of times parents find this unacceptable because they went to college and want the child to do the same, or because they did not go to college and they struggled and do not want them to do the same with their lives. Some parents may even find that having their child not go to college is embarrassing.

Some of these children that do not want to go to college often already have jobs in mind they want to do that do not involve a college degree, but it is not enough for their parents. Other times when a child is being forced to go to college, it could simply be because the child is not ready to go to college just yet, but the parents do not want them to wait. When the child is forced to go to college, either if they are not ready or just do not want to, it could cause tension and issues. It creates a lot of hard feelings and hostility with parents and children. This would be a huge negative on both parties. The most important people needed in our lives are our parents. And most parents would agree that their children are the best thing to ever happen to them.

Being forced to go to college can create a high risk of the children and students unable to find their true passion and desires. That alone would make the student create debt over a career study that they most likely will not work in after already taking the classes, along with causing the student to not focus on taking the career seriously. The students will feel like they are wasting their time in school because it is something they did not want to do, and probably will not pursue after they graduate college.

Our career choice is going to be one of the most important decisions that we will have to make in our lives. I feel the significance of choosing a career path that we will be satisfied with cannot be stressed about enough. A huge part of our happiness will depend on the choice of career we make. If we choose a career that we end up hating, we are going to spend our lives hating our jobs and end up being unhappy. Therefore, I believe our career choice should be a personal decision and not that of another family member in order to avoid the risk of making the wrong decision. It is up to us to make a decision we are certain on to make sure none of these negative effects happen to us.

Our Career, Our Choice essay

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