Odysseus’ Wisdom and Bravery

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Odysseus significant amount of hubris, bravery, and wit that contribute to his plight by showing how to be a great leader. Showing that he needs to have common sense. Lastly, he needs to be wise and strong. All these things that the story named he used all of them so he can get home. On his epic journey he went through so many obstacles.

On most of the journeys he risked his life for some of his journeys. He knows as a master he must step up. He wanted his men and brothers this is what a man or a leader must do to protect his people no matter what. On them journeys he know he had to do some crazy things so they can leave people towns. Even though Odysseus just had his child he left the day he was born, and he missed most of his son life and he is doing what he must do.

Odysseus has so much hubris inside of him. On most of his journeys he had so much self-confidence. When Odysseus went to the island of all the cyclopes lived, he though he can go anywhere he wants to go. When the cyclops came home, he didn’t know what to do. He was just trying to sweet talk the cyclops, but his plan didn’t work out because the big giant ate two of his men. Odysseus had to think, and he made the cyclops one of the best wines from Ithtica.

The cyclops got drunk and he feel asleep and Odysseus got some wood and they made it sharp. So, the men angled it at the cyclops eye, and they took the cyclops eye out. The cyclops ran to his door and the men escaped and they left the cyclops blind. Odysseus had so much confidence in him to have all the courage to stab the cyclops in the eye.

When you read the story of Odysseus he had to go to war and went to the City Of Troy and he had so much bravery during the war. When he made peace, he made a horse as a we surrender but that what the City of Troy thought. So, they accepted the horse and they were so happy. They had a huge party to celebrate and mind you Odysseus and his men was inside the horse so they can attack.

Now this part was so genies and he had so much common sense but some of the time he didn’t have common sense but this time he did. So, the whole town just partied, and they all got drunk. They got drunk and they went to sleep, and Odysseus men came out of the horse very quietly. Then they attacked the City of Troy and they burned it down. He knows when he is done but this night, he said this is what we are going to do, and they did exactly that. Odysseus had so much common sense and he won this war. But he still must get home to his people.

Odysseus had wit which means he is very intelligent. One of his men were trying to find food and they come running back without the other men. One of the men was crying tell Odysseus that the men was turned into different animals by this lady. The man told Odysseus that you should not go because he will be an animal too. But it was his job to go get his men or his crew back. He knows that he brought them there and now he must so get them, and it took him a long time. Odysseus had to do everything to get his men turned back into people. He was intelligent but he was smart and wise by doing this. He almost died by climbing for a long time. He had no food or water just because his men went to the woods by themselves.

Odysseus was a very strong, confident, confused god. After the war with City of Troy he wanted to go home. But it took him 10 years just to find his way and he lost all his men. The reason why he didn’t go home was because of the cyclops. He cursed Odysseus that he shall never reach Ithtica ever again. His prayers came true, but Athena helped him reach home. Odysseus had to be with a woman, and he thought he was there for 5 days, but he was their five years. He missed half of his son’s life. Odysseus still shows that he was a good god. He took care of his men He showed so much bravery strength and wisdom.


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