My Dream Vacation Mary Hering

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Here is the ‘speech’ (Russell calls it his song lyrics) The topic is ‘My Dream Vacation’ Mary Hering Parallel. Where there’s two of me Where there is someone else who understands me An alternate reality A place where I won’t feel broken A place where I won’t feel ALONE Am I putting too much trust in it? The AU? Maybe But I do know that it might save me The lord of eternity Maybe that’s what I could be Maybe… Maybe people will like me there Like me like a friend Or maybe something more Maybe the other me is poor Or Italian Or maybe no more Maybe they’re a girl. Maybe SHE’s the one that understands me Maybe she will help me stop asking these questions Or maybe it’s him Like me, Male or Female, We would fight for our right to live here We would find our place here We would be together.

We would understand each other BE there for each other If one of us was feeling broken We would comfort the other We would love one another As our parents loved me… us… or whatever. Maybe we would find each other In this parallel dimension Maybe we could survive By breaking the tension Between the multiverse Do you want another verse? Do you want me to show you my pain? My flaws? My pride? My cons? My hope is gone For I know, it is impossible Multiverse theory is just that A theory An idea that time forgot An idea Is not always going to happen. An idea Is a mystery An idea Do I have any ideas? Maybe to travel the world? No. I feel safer at home Maybe to write stories about magic and monsters I used to But not anymore That’s just a hobby To make music? Become famous? That’s the one. That’s what I want to become But I’ll still write poetry. Because I’m good at it. I’m spellbound. I’m off track, aren’t I? Back to where I want to go. Maybe, the people there are ahead, technology wise Maybe they’re behind? Still in medieval times? Maybe I wouldn’t go to that one But there’s billions of AU’s According to the theory, However, the theory probably isn’t true Still. It would be nice to have a friend in this world I might have some who try But I’m too broken for them to understand I’m too lonely I’m sorry. Dylan Lily Mary maybe too.

These are just a few But You don’t understand what I go through Every day The pills I take The stories I make The imagination That swallows me whole The fear I have It’s the scariest thing Because what if my fears are what kill me? What if I’m murdered by a high schooler? A bomb was thrown at me? A monster in the closet finally decides to come out? The dark swallows me? I just need someone who understands me. But there is none Except for myself I’m all alone. Or so it seems. Or maybe there is someone that does understand me? My pain? No, I’m all alone Forever. Parallel To lines side by side Never touching Never CONNECTING That’s like me and everyone else I’ve never connected with anyone I’m too afraid to strike up a conversation I feel like I’m being controlled by satan I feel like gods have forsaken Me Maybe There’s someone out there I haven’t met them yet Parallel.

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