My Dream Job is Biomedical Engineer

Updated October 28, 2021

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My Dream Job is Biomedical Engineer essay

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“Vision without hard work is just dreaming and hard work without vision is just a waste of time but hard work along with vision creates success.” To start with, the most important aspect of my real identity is real me and my family. I have always been a dreamer and I believe in dreams no matter big or small. Dreams are a way to the destination and they are the stamps for which we pay the whole stroke of life. And yes I have seen a dream, dream to become a biomedical engineer to serve for the mankind with my will and willpower. This dream I had sown in childhood and grew when I started to grow. So I believe our personal identity makes us unique and special from others.

I belong to the family where I am always encouraged to chase my dream, where I am taught that education and knowledge is always my foremost priority, where I am raised for serving mankind. Having been brought up in a strong and secure family, education was always given first priority and there was no compromise for it. My parents are my biggest inspiration and motivator who helped me all way to this. My dad is businessman and mom she works in office. From my school days to my higher level of education these motivations always assisted in doing better than yesterday. From the school days, I was considered a bright student. My teachers used to admire me and love me a lot.

I was the not the first girl in my class but I was a good student that might be the reason teachers always had a keen interest in knowing what I was doing. I actually searched for many resources that can fulfill the thirst of my curiosity, curiosity of knowing about the biological activities, aging, etc. I am very enthusiastic and I was then too if it was the matter of participating in any program, I would be the first to raise the hand and come forward because I always love to explore and learn. Not only in studies, but I was also very much interested and attentive in extra-curricular activities like volleyball, badminton, painting, and dancing etc. One of the favourite hobbies to travel to new places and explore new things and I love dancing because it always brings a smile to my face. My family is my biggest support system so I adore to spend time with my family.

One of my hard time of transition was leaving parents, friends, relatives and coming to another country I had always dreamt of, the United States for my higher studies. I am quite an emotional kind person so it was very difficult for me to say a final goodbye to my parents at the airport. Sometimes we have to leave our most precious jewels in order to turn the brand new chapter of our lives. For the first three months it was very difficult for me to adjust in the United States but I try to bring that small curve in my face trying to heal my crying heart. The real model of my life is my parents who always supported me in every step of my life, guided me about good and bad, struggle and challenges, and taught me fight to overcome my own fear. Today, I am far away from their shadow, however, their wisdom always runs in my veins. I am learning to be independent in the process of doing things on my own. It is said that higher the dream, more treacherous the path is. I am confident to take on the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead of me in achieving academic success.

In conclusion, I am glad to be who I am and where I am and all this credit goes to my parents who always trust me, have faith on me, support me and believe in me. The facts confirm that I am not perfect simply like any other individual but I always learn from my mistake. I am focused on my dream path to be a successful biomedical engineer. I also came to United States to make my dream come true so I know the reason behind coming to United States so it is very important for me to focused. I love my parents a lot so I will do everything to make my family glad for myself, that is the reason I am going towards accomplishing my objectives with diligence and grin all over.

My Dream Job is Biomedical Engineer essay

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