My Career Goals Essay

Updated August 12, 2022

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My Career Goals Essay essay

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Growing up, I can remember going to my grandfather’s house and reading his books on biology and chemistry. As I began taking science classes in high school, he would teach me topics from cell biology to electrochemistry. Some of the best memories I have with him were sitting in his office talking about all the experiments that he did and his accomplishments. These stories are the main reason I am currently pursuing a degree in molecular biology.

Even though I am only a freshman in college, I personally believe that my experiences thus far have prepared me for a research opportunity. My cell biology and genetics class was an intense course as in lab we have had several opportunities to do research. The first research opportunity in the beginning of the course was to design a two-week experiment on the chemical influence on peroxidase activity. After conducting the research, I then spent an additional three-weeks writing and editing my research article. Besides from doing research in lab, we also had opportunities to study biology in other aspects. We spent a portion of the class studying bioinformatics and actually investigating cases. We were given “patients” and had to use several databases to understand where the mutation happened and figure out an explanation for it. This was an interesting take on biology as it combined modern medicine with software programs. Lastly, I have had exposure to complex experiments working with DNA. I extracted epithelial cheek cells to amplify the PV92 locus from homologs on chromosome 16. Throughout all of the experiments, I had been exposed to several instruments. By having this training, it will allow me to do research on my own.

By taking part in the summer research program, it will help fulfill my academic and career goals. My academic goals are to have preparation for research and then my senior project in the fall of 2023. I as well would have the opportunity to present my research to the honors society that I am a part of, Tri-Beta as well as the biology faculty at my college. The summer research program would also give me the opportunity to attend seminars and research meetings. I would also become more confidence with my abilities within my major. After completing my undergraduate degree, my career goal is to become a genetic counselor. This program would allow me to have the experience of working in a hospital research lab with equipment that my college may not have.

I have broad interests within genetics but personally have been researching about two different single-gene disorders. As knowing a family with a child who has cystic fibrosis (CF), I began researching about several ways the condition can be treated. The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation website informed me much of my knowledge about cystic fibrosis today. I became intrigued about how gene therapy could correct the CTFR gene, but the issue was the DNA would not enter the cell membrane because of semi-permeability and mucus build up. Another disorder I am interest in that involves gene therapy is severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID). The current issue is the low numbers of T cells which makes the patient easily susceptible to diseases. There is some research on how gene therapy could be used without activating oncogenes to reduce the risk of cancer. Gene therapy is still under research but has promising results

I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my application. I believe that my serious intentions for research and lab experience will equip me for the summer research program.

My Career Goals Essay essay

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