Millennials in the Workplace

Updated November 24, 2021

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Millennials in the Workplace essay

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Bringing in more millennials into the workplace and making sure their engagement is high once they are hired employers need to be proactive if they want to attract, retain and engage them. I do believe millennials are hardworking and enthusiastic, but at the same time they are often not tied down to the same job if they don’t feel engaged, they probably won’t join the company unless the benefits and work culture are appealing to them (USC Bovard College, n.d).

The company could embrace the use of technology to attract millennials (Chamorro-Premuzic, T., Winsborough, D., Sherman, R. A., & Hogan, R., 2016). Millennials tend to spend a significant amount of time on social media, so the company could take this and use it as part of their recruitment process (Schippmann, 2010). Using this method could show candidates the perks and benefits that they could receive if they would join the company. The company could use videos, images and employee perspectives. I think this would be an excellent method of showing candidates what it would be working at the company and how they stand out from the competition.

Although I do think that pay is an essential factor, millennials are more interested in having a better work and life balance. I think millennials do not want to sit at a desk the whole day unless they feel genuinely connected to their job. If the company offers flexible work it is a way a way to attract, retain and engage millennials and it would a good thing for the company to incorporate this as part of their incentives (USC Bovard College, n.d.). This could include allowing employees to work from home on occasions and having flexitime.

No matter the benefits the company offers, if the company does not invest in the workplace culture, millennials won’t stay very long with the company (Luries, 2018). Now a day’s employees don’t last in jobs for years they tend to jump around to what better benefits their needs. For this not to happen the company needs to create a positive environment for employees to work in. Some of the things this could include is listening to their ideas and having an open communication system. I don’t think millennials want to be stressed out with too much work and receive negative feedback (USC Bovard College, n.d).

They want to come to a positive work environment where they will have the opportunity to grow (CEB Corporate Leadership Council, 2010). If the company doesn’t have a good understanding of what the company culture is, I think the company should begin with a survey to find out how current employees feel. It’s never too late to make changes to a company as long as those changes are positive and if the company wants to continue to attract, retain and keep millennials engaged it is essential that the company stays proactive and takes the necessary steps to keep millennials happy.

Millennials in the Workplace essay

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