Michael Jackson’s Contributions to Pop Culture Analytical Essay

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When we talk about humanities, we talk about how mankind has developed over the past, and every aspect that has changed how we live our daily lives. Music was one of the biggest changes during early history, and it has become a part of our daily lives. Humankind and music cannot live without one another. We have the tendency of creating more without even noticing, no matter if its tiny or something big.

During the nineteenth century, as music was overwhelming the world, pop culture started to take over the music culture. Some years later, in 1958, “The King of Pop” was born, his name was Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009). His contributions to music and pop culture made huge changes in humanity. Michael Jackson started changing the music culture that was created by Elvis and Bob Dylan. He did not only reshaped pop culture and music, he changed the world.

The King of Pop was the nickname given to Michael Jackson after gaining popularity and breaking records in the music industry. He started creating music that involved not only pop but had a little bit of jazz and rock as well. He had a little bit of everything in his music. His most popular and best-selling album was Thriller, over 33 million copies, becoming the second best-selling album in music history. Michael Jackson was taking over the world with his performances, creating a legacy that couldn’t be overthrown. He became an influence on a lot of musicians and people.

Music might have made Michael Jackson a star, but fashion and dancing was revolutionary in his years. Michael Jackson is known his outfit during his concerts. His red leather jacket with many zippers, pegged pants, a fedora hat, a military coat, and a single, white, sequined glove. His look was so outrageous that everyone would be upset if he didn’t wear that. His outfit matched with his dance moves. The famous move called “moonwalk” was revolutionary in the dancing industry. He might not have invented it, but he was totally changing dance history. The world was watching him, and Michael Jackson’s moves were being televised worldwide.

Michael Jackson became one of the most influential people in the world. He was famous all around the world, including areas where music didn’t seem to be their influential. Jackson’s success led to the success of many people His songs, like most of the music nowadays, had meaning behind it. He always envisioned the idea of world coming together in peace and harmony, and he showed his ideology by creating music. Michael Jackson tried to make people envision this by trying to turn himself into an indeterminate mix of human types. He did multiple plastic surgeries by turning himself into a male and female, adult and child, black and white; however, he started to be judged and eventually stopped him from growing his fame.

As years passed, Michael Jackson eventually died in 2009. From that time on, the message that he tried to spread was being envisioned by people from all around the world. His music would, once again, be at the top of the charts and, once again, becoming the influence of many people. The King of Pop became a legend in music, dancing and fashion, and will never be replaced by anyone.


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