Martin Luther King and Chris McCandless

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There was lots of segregation going on and King wanted that to change. He wanted to free every slave and let live everyone a better life for the present and future. As King showed his supporters his strong courage, his powerful strength, his passion for his dream he showed the true qualities of a strong leader that spreaded a movement all over America. He tragically grew up in a time that segregated the colored from the whites, and in an area where he had believed that all men were equally free, but in reality were not. This opened his eyes to reality and decided to make a change against these inhuman rights that were being taken away from the African Americans. Although many were on board with his beliefs, some were not and a few did not follow with this non violence protest, which then they begun to fight non violence with violence. On August 28, 1963, King gave his popular iconic “I Have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington in front of tens of thousands of people and viewers at home and in person that influenced and inspired lots and lots of people . He wanted to open the eyes to the people and let them know the true injustice that was going on during this time. He did not discriminate against any race as he included and sympathized with all the listeners, no matter what race. In his speech he mentions his hopes for the future, that one-day things will be different and equal for all. King was looking for a real change to benefit many many people. He was dissatisfied with his life and others lives as well because being segregated was not the way he himself and others did not want to live. They wanted a free and segregated free life. King hoped to accomplish this, even though he knew it was a dangerous and risky chance to take. During this protest, King finds that not everyone would approve of this and not everyone would make this easy. He also finds that maybe he might not be able to accomplish the dream but maybe after he passes, things will eventually change for the better. Society responds to King in kind of a riot because of not everyone following the non violence approach and also not everyone agreeing with this change.

Chris McCandless also wanted a change but this change was more for himself rather than benefiting for lots of other people. In the book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, it talks about a true story in regards of Christopher McCandless. It starts off by talking about after college graduation, McCanless eagerly decided to travel far into the wild. Unfortunately, his decision did lead him to his death. When Chris graduated from Emory University, his family is wealthy, he also owns a car and of course hus degree but just gives this all up to escape into the wild. He spends his time living in the wild like a homeless man hoping one place to another while he does a few jobs for money, food and shelter. While on his journey, Chris meet he meets many new people from all the different places he visited but he does not seem to find friendship or any form of connection with any of these people. After some time Chris doesn’t seem to find himself in any of the places he visits so then decided to live he then comes to a conclusion to start finding shelter in the wilds of Alaska. He finds himself transportation to keep roaming. He went completely ghost on everyone from his past life. He made sure no one would hear from him. No one heard from him as well as no one contacted him. Chris is looking for a restart. He wants to get away of what was going on and looking for a new start with new and different people that he can be around with. He spends lots of time meeting new people and getting to know them ? McCandless is dissatisfied with his life because he has gone through a lot throughout his journey. He does not want that same life and seeks for a change and a better refreshing start in a new place. McCandless hopes to accomplish his better life. He hopes that he is able to escape from his problems and be free. He felt overwhelmed and needed to be free. Throughout his journey he finds himself a little more. He starts to get to know where and what he prefers. He also finds a lot of new people and new opportunities. Opportunities such as new jobs, and homes. Society doesn’t 100% agree with McCandless’ decision on wanting to escape. Others can say how he was only thinking about himself and only wanting what was best for him. He wasn’t really thinking of others and how they can be worried for him and wonder if he still lives or dies.

Both of these influencers, Martin Luther King Jr., and Christopher McCandless, searched and fought for a change. King wanted a change for the people. He wanted everyone to be free and be able to have a better life. He dreamed of the freedom of others and for equality. King wanted freedom that was for everyone. In his powerful speech, I have a dream, King says, “ I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”(Martin Luther King Jr. Speech).Here King talks about that dream and what he hopes for regarding the future. He hopes for his children to live in a different society and that they won’t have to go through a world like the world Is living through. He hopes for a more desirable loving and caring respectful society to live in, in peace. To make this change, it was a huge sacrifice but MLK was able to accomplish it even though it was accomplished after Martin Luther King Jr. passed away. In his speech, he also said, “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood” (Martin Luther King Jr. speech). Here King is referring to slaves and how he also hopes and wishes for their freedom. He not only wishes freedom for himself or just for his family but he wishes freedom upon everyone and hopes that everyone can be free from slavery and the abuse from discrimination.

Chris Mccandless was looking for a change that was more towards himself. He wanted to better himself and escape from reality itself. He hadn’t thought about it too much, it’s kind of just like a thought when it first came to his head. It’s not the normality to want to wander off without having a secure home get to, something to travel with and someone to go with. In his book, Into the Wild, McCandless says, “I have had a happy life and thank the lord. Goodbye and may god bless all” ( Krakauer 199). Here Chris talks about how he had to have a happy life. He says goodbye and takes off. Escaping from reality allowed him to meet new people and to discover new places in the United States.

Both of these wanted changes to be done but wanted them towards a different perspective. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted a change for the people and wanted to make a better society for the future. On the other hand, Christopher McCandless wanted a change for his life. He wanted his life to be different and decided to go into the wild and hope that it helps him. Martin Luther King Jr. made a much bigger impact on society than Chris did for obvious reasons. Both of them have influenced people and and were brave to have make a change.

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