Biography and Personality of Christopher McCandless

Updated October 13, 2020

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Biography and Personality of Christopher McCandless essay

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As many people will have various opinions on Christopher McCandless, that he was either a total fool or an inspiration that should be honored beyond his death. McCandless out on his journey makes some really questionable decisions, even then he is still honored and remembered by many of those who are in his same position as he was, that have not yet “found themselves.” Although, McCandless was a honored young man that made some poor life choices, he could have easily prevented his death.

McCandless seen as being a dolt and a self centered person, He should be seen more as an idealist. McCandless not being influenced by anyone growing up, he stuck to himself and taught himself how live in society rather following societies aspects.

As a young child Christopher McCandless showed his idealist aspects. Throughout the years as Christopher got older, Walt McCandless Chris’ father has taken him on many backpacking trips. On one of their trips Christopher wanted to keep on going to the top of Longs Peak in Colorado, but his father refused to keep going due to bad weather conditions.

In the book Into The Wild, Walt McCandless explains, “But Chris wanted to keep going to the top… He was only twelve then… If he’d been fourteen or fifteen, he would have simply gone without me”(Krakauer pg.109). The desire Christopher showed to finish climbing that mountain showed his different perspective on challenges than other children his age.

The trait of McCandless being an idealist carried on throughout his lifetime, as have made could have had this is this realization. His expedition of taking a trip could have been in his planning since he was young. An older man named Gaylord Stuckey who picks up McCandless says “It was something he’d wanted to do since he was little”(Krakauer pg. 159).

McCandless having the determination as young child that had reflected on his life choices as he got older. Instead of fitting in with people around him and listening to his family, he wanted to do what he wanted to do. Throughout his journey to Alaska he was offered places to stay and food to eat, but McCandless always denied, only staying for a short time then leave off in a hurry. Many of those on his trip did not see him as arrogant or rude, but respected him for his choices he has made. He was also in a lot of trouble due to his too much overconfidence.

Due to this his overconfidence, Christopher had many mistakes occur. As he donated all his money to charity, left his car with some of his resources, buried his identification and the rest of his cash. This viewed the aspects idealist McCandless has carried with him throughout his lifetime.. By this time of his life, he should have realized what reality would bring him, but he did not and he did what was the best for spiritual himself.

Not only was he not prepared to go on this Alaska trip alone, he even refused to bring resources to get him through his journey easier and faster, he also had such little food to last him through this long trip. Instead of having the resources to get him through his journey faster, McCandless had a different view on how he wanted his trip to end, that mindset unfortunately cost him his life.

Even throughout his trip many of the people he has met, had offered McCandless many times resources for his trip, places to sleep or food to eat, but McCandless refused most of the time, or decided to stay and work. Not planning out his trip and relying too much on his confidence that he can make it out alive with nature resources not wilderness supplies to survive, his ignorance got the best of him.

Doing what many wish they can, which is to go out an experience a journey by themselves and finish their childhood dreams and refusing to be just another person in society. Through his trip McCandless stayed to his well-being of being true to himself and following through with his ambition. As his oversight of this trip cost him his life, Christopher McCandless deserves the title of being an idealist.

Biography and Personality of Christopher McCandless essay

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