Manchester United Soccer Team

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“Forever and ever, we’ll follow the boys, of Man United, The Busby Babes.” The fans chanting and screaming their heart out, supporting their favorite team, Manchester United. Man United is the biggest and the most famous football club not only in England but worldwide. It has the largest fan base in the world with approximately 50 million supporters (History).

When its game day they have the greatest average attendance in England, every home game has about 76,000 fans. It’s no surprise to say that Man United is the most successful football club over the last 20 years, accumulating 18 major honors (History decade by decade). The club was founded in 1878 but not as Manchester United but as Newton Heath L 7 YR f.c. Newton heath. The team would play on a small football field near Manchester Piccadilly station.

When Manchester United entered the football leagues for the first time in 1902 their chairman Davis changed the club’s colors from gold and green to the now famous red and white. (History) Man united started outshining in 1907 in when they won the first division and in 1908, they won the charity field and the first of their record number 11 FA cups and after that occurred, they moved to their new stadium in old Trafford (Decade by decade).

Good things never last and unfortunately this was the start of a dark era, the club got regulated back to division 2 and things got bad when WW2 began, sadly their stadium got destroyed from the bombings and Manchester City were kind enough to let them play in their stadium (” Manchester United F.C”). Another tragedy occurred when the team plane crashed while returning home from a European match killing 8 players and 15 staff members (Decade by decade).

In every soccer team or club, they have those raw and technical soccer players and of course Manchester United had the full package when it came to that. One of the most famous soccer players of all time and is still currently playing soccer who is Cristiano Ronaldo, who is a professional Portuguese soccer player that broke records when he joined the red devils, he joined them at the age of 18 and after his big break one of the most famous Spanish soccer club Real Madrid bought him for a good price making him one of the most expensive soccer players.

On the other hand, there is also Wayne Rooney who is a retired English soccer player who drove fans crazy when it came to his dribbling and technical skills, he would be the one to keep the team steady and focused, who he also was captain of the red devils and after a long journey at Trafford he retired in 2017.

Finally, David Beckham, one of the most raw and outstanding soccer players who ever stepped on the Old Trafford stadium leaving a legacy and a print on the field. He was one of the most successful soccer players in the history and hall of fame of Manchester United, the fans would know him by how he would give his freekicks, “Bend it like Beckham” as fans and people would say. He will always be remembered by all the help and foundations he founded to help the less unfortunate people across the world.

Manchester continues to be one of the top teams in the Premier League as of today, with the legends and young talent that have stepping on the pitch, they can’t let their fans down with them. They are a strong team and in England and the future looks promising.


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