Jane Eyre as an Independent Person

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Jane Eyre, as a novel, displays a strong feminist stance as it narrates the experience of Jane Eyre in a world and systems dominated by requirements to make hard and decisive decisions. In the course of the novel, Jane is seen as an epitome of femininity since she is defensive for her rights, principled and independent. Since her parents passed away, Jane Eyre’s life changed to worse with mistreatments instances during childhood, difficulties in finding love and disappointments from various life events. Jane needed a feminist spirit and approach to prevail in her challenging society. In that light, Jane’s ability to balance passion and principles as well as love and independence enabled her to have a happy ending and live a life of purpose.

Jane, in her childhood, is an example of a young woman who is ready to face hardships with determination and is willing to be defensive against violation of her rights. Jane lacks the social advantage provided by family, resources/money, and physical beauty, hence vulnerable to discrimination based on admiration and security (Bronte 2001). While living with her aunt, after the death of her parents, the hosting family is harsh and treats her meanly. Due to often instances of mistreatment, for example, physical confrontation with her male cousin, Jane fights back, and as a result, she is locked in a room as a punishment. Also, while parting with her aunt to join Lowood School, Jane is defensive while her aunt accuses her of being deceitful. The readiness to be defensive against unequal and unfair treatment while with her aunt displays Jane as an advocate of equal treatment of people regardless of the gender or social status.

Jane Eyre displays traits of a feminist by remaining principled and holding her Christian values throughout the novel. Women are tools of transformation, and their active roles positively impact the overall status of societies. In that light, Jane makes a free choice of the principles by which she prefers to live and make decisions. Her strong principles as an advocate of equal rights and opportunities of all people regardless of gender and class, are reflected by her academic and economic performance as well as her marriage decisions. Despite the harsh conditions and mean treatment at Lowood School, Jane is determined and is successful in completing her studies. Moreover, while needed to make marriage decisions, Jane’s principles and Christian values enabled her to reject proposals to get into a marriage not out of love but for duty. Also, Jane refused to marry Mr. Rochester to become his mistress.

Jane is independent and values freedom, hence advocates for an independent life and is not ready to be a burden to others or receive unequal treatment because of her gender and social status. Jane’s effort to look for a governess job points out at her commitment towards the realization of independent and free life. Freedom and independence allow members of societies to coexist in harmony and respect since each member has a chance to make free decisions. Jane’s refusal for extra payment and gifts from Mr. Rochester, shows that she only accepts what she has earned, hence eliminating the chance of becoming a burden and a victim of economic discrimination based on gender and class.

Jane Eyre, as a novel, shows a close link between personality and realization of a balanced society. However, the book tries to explain how unfortunate members of the community can approach life in ways that make it easier and purposeful. Feminists identify, advocate, and fight for equal treatment of people regardless of their gender or class. Jane Eyre, throughout the novel, proved to be principled, independent, and defensive in her actions, resulting in equal opportunities in the society and having a happy ending by marrying for love.


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How does Bronte present Jane as independent?
Bronte presents Jane as independent by depicting her as a strong-willed character who refuses to conform to societal expectations and stands up for her beliefs. Additionally, Jane's ability to make her own decisions, such as leaving Mr. Rochester when she learns the truth about his marriage, further emphasizes her independence.
How is Jane Eyre independent?
She is independent because she is able to make her own decisions and she is also able to take care of herself.
How would you describe Jane Eyre as a person?
Jane Eyre is a strong and determined person. She is also very kind and caring.
What impact did Jane Eyre have on society?
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