James A. Garfield as the 20th President

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James A. Garfield was a great president. James did many important things while in office, but will be remembered as a great presidents because he fought for the union before presidency and rose to the rank of major general.

James A garfield Served as President in 1881.the Vice President at the time was Chester A. Arthur.James Garfield was a Republican. He started his term at age 49 but never got to finish the term do to being assasinated. He was born on November 19, 1831.he Married Lucretia Rudolph Garfield his Children where James, Harry, Abram, Mary, Irvin. His Nickname was Preacher President do to his powerful speaking voice. Boatman Jim.James Garfield is most known for being assassinated only 200 days after becoming president.

Garfield was killed by a former supporter who was angry that Garfield didn’t give him a job in his administration.James Garfield grew up as the youngest of four children in a log cabin in Ohio. His father died when he was still a toddler. His mother raised him and taught him to read at home. James had long dreamt of a life at sea and as a teenager he set out to find his dream. He worked for a short time on a canal boat, but ended up returning home to continue his education. Although Garfield was president for only a short time before he was assassinated, he managed to make a mark while president. He was adamant that political problems come to an end. He refused to give supporters jobs within his administration just because they had supported his campaign.

He thought jobs should go to those most qualified. On July 2, 1881 Garfield was shot by assassin Charles J. Guiteau while walking through a train station.severely wounded, Garfield lay in the White House for weeks.Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, tried unsuccessfully to find the bullet with an induction-balance electrical device which he had designed. Garfield died months later from a bullet wound.

Garfield was elected to the Ohio Senate in 1859 as a Republican. During the secession crisis, he tricked or in other words blackmailed them into coming back into the Union.In 1862, when Union military victories had been few, he successfully led a attack or in other words an ambush at Middle Creek, Kentucky, against Confederate troops.

At 31, Garfield became a brigadier which is above colonel and below major general, two years later a major general of volunteers.At the 1880 Republican Convention, Garfield failed to win the Presidential nomination for his friend John Sherman. Finally, on the 36th ballot, Garfield himself became the “dark horse” nominee that means he wanted to be vice president ut accidentally became president.By a margin of only 10,000 popular votes, Garfield defeated the Democratic nominee, Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock.

In conclusion, James will always be remembered for being the 20th president of the United States. He was assassinated after only a few months in office.


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