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Issue of Food Wastage

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Issue of Food Wastage essay
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Food wastage is a problem affecting the world; therefore, it right to label it a global crisis. The essay arguments are on ways in which food is wasted and ways that can be done to avoid the problem. Developed countries lose food because rejection or household waste while developing worlds, on the other hand, lose food for lack of right equipment required for storage and preservation.

Industry standards are the first contributor to food wastage. Retailers set high standards for different vegetables and fruits, leading to throwing away foods even if they are still fit for consumption. There are even cases where people get to throw away even unopened foods. There are also consumers that prepare excess food, which end up in the garbage. Household’s lifestyle and way of living is another leading contributor to food wastage where people get to prepare excess food.

The critical rationale to support the prevention of food wastage is to carry extensive education on food wastage and its adverse effects. The reason for education is to allow farmers, industry retailers, and consumers on the right ways of preventing the occurrence of food wastage. The government should implement policies that monitor food usage and punish individuals found guilty of food wastage. In cases of developing countries, the government should set up new strategies that can help in food preservation (Cumming, np)

The potential audiences to address in matters food waste are farmers, retailers, and consumers. The challenges with these audiences is that feel not to be part of the problem. The farmers might not care about food wasted by not getting direct involvement in sales. The retailers, on the other hand, reject edible food. Challenges with consumers are that they might fail to reduce instances of leftovers.

Resources to solving the problem should be channeled into developing reuse recycle scheme. Consumers should are supposed to buy foods that can be consumed at ago without leftovers.

Issue of Food Wastage essay

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