Issue of Animal Welfare in Farms and Human Health

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Many people become vegetarians for various reasons: not liking the taste of meat, compassion for animals, religion, and many more. For the most part, animal cruelty will be one of the main reasons why people choose to stop their consumption of meat. What they may not realize is that a person who does not consume meat, will more likely not save an animals life, even though they are doing it for a good cause. On the other hand, unlike vegetarians, vegans do not consume dairy products and are more strict with their eating lifestyle, which still will not make a difference; products will be sold and consumed. A great number of people will eat meat everyday, therefore animals will continue be slaughtered. Millions of people will practice consuming meat and will include meat in their everyday diet. Consuming meat is ethical, however the treatment of livestock and how they are raised can damage people’s health.

Animals are being treated very inhumane. Yes, humans do eat meat but it has been taught at a young age that we need certain animal products in order to grow. Assassinating livestock does not affect everyone, but does disturb individuals when they come to notice on how the animals are being raised. Many farms are getting the attention from people due to the crowded inhumane conditions that the farm animals are living with. Chickens are placed in what it is called, “battery cages” which are small rows packed with birds, preventing them to have enough space to move around.

Chickens not having enough space will more likely irritation, soreness, and even infections due to the lack of movement. Studies show that approximately 8.5 billion chickens are killed for their meat every year, while another 300 million chickens are used in egg production (ASPCA, 2018). Chickens grow at a very fast rate because of the antibiotics fed to them; these antibiotics are also used for humans and are oftentimes seen in farms. It is very hard for chickens to even stand, due to their heaviness they collapse and die. Furthermore, these drugs fed to chickens sometimes causes “superbugs” a bacteria that is not controlled by the antibiotics; the hen’s antibiotic resistant bacteria can be passed to humans once consumed.

People are exposed to deadly and antibiotic resistant infections.These inhumane acts will affect the conditions of the chickens and will be consumed by many people not knowing what they are putting in their mouth. Fortunately a changed has been demanded by society, California is concerned of the small amount of space being given to chickens, a proposition passed for the next years explains how chickens must be given one square foot per hen and will give them better living conditions (Hanson, 2018).

The U.S raises about 100 pigs each year for food each year, and are also treated very poorly in such harsh conditions (ASPCA, 2018). The lack of space prevents them from moving and exercising and one of their natural behaviors; rooting due to the structure if the floors. Pigs tend to be very smart animals and reach out for anything they see. The minimum space that they are given, frustrates them and may harm themselves or other pigs near them. This results to farms to remove their teeth or the tip of a pig’s tail without pain killers. Pregnant females are called sows, these females are given a cage a bit bigger than their body, still not allowing them to turn around or get comfortable. A few days before their birth they are taken to other cages to give birth. Once they are done with the nursing process they are taken back to be inseminated again, and becomes a cycle for years. When these female pigs cannot reproduce they are sent to slaughter (ASPCA, 2018). These cruel acts upon these animals are devastating to know. Due to their size pigs should be given a way larger amount of space so they will not harm themselves or another pig. Pigs waist can cause a disturbance in their environment, Ammonia is a poison which gives them more frustration and want to move around. The pigs show that they are restless and start chewing on their body parts. They will get poinsed based on the air quality the pigs are exposed to (The Pig Site, 2014). This inhumane treatment will affect the pigs health as well as its consumers.

Cattle, one of the main meats people consume; are as well being treated very inhumane. Cattle raised for meat are mostly raised outside. This does give them much more space to move, but are still treated poorly. Cattles are used for two things; meat and dairy products. Like all the other farm animals cattle are separated by gender. The female cows will be reproducing and produce milk. At birth the calf is separated from its mother, this traumatizes the mother and the newborn (ASPCA, 2018). Just like other livestock, farms remove half of their tail and their horns without painkillers.

The cattle has to go on with its day feeling in pain and cannot do anything about it in order to feel better. Dairy cows also end up at slaughterhouses just like any other cattle. Once cattle is not useful for other things it is immediately assassinated cruelly. There are states in the U.S where they banned cutting cattles tails inhumanly. Farmers claimed that the cattles udder stays cleaner once half of the tail removed, but it has been proved false statement. Cows are one of the animals that humans mostly consume, whether it is its dairy products or its meet. People should carefully choose their meat, and decide if that will be a healthy option.

Meat sellers will expose to its clients all the meats they are selling. People should know that eating grass-fed meat is much more healthier than those from factory farms. Meat from factory farms will come with cattle who may have had a disease or was injected with hormones for it to grow faster and produce much more product. Indeed, grass-fed meat will cost more but it will be up to the clients what will be their healthy choice (Marinello, 2008). The treatment of livestock is important for both animals and consumers or anyone in general, because depending on the environment and treatment livestock is being given, their meat will either be contaminated or perfectly fine for consuming. Furthermore better treatment should be given either way, no animal deserves to be treated so poorly even if its a farm animal.


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