If Christopher Columbus Never Came to the America

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Have you ever regretted saying something because it changed your history? It changed maybe even the history of your life and you wouldn’t know because of that one thing you did. If Christopher Columbus had never come to the Americas would the world be any different today. The main points are how it would change the world and how it would not change the world. The global significance to society in general is since Christopher Columbus came to the Americas he has changed how many wars we would have, what America would look like, and our global trade.

The sources provide which country would have more trading power, who conquered South America, the Aztec empire,and what explorer would have found Americas. The sources also provide us with his background information of discovering America and shows how the world would be different today. As a Native American I feel like if Christopher Columbus never came, we would have a lot more full blooded Native Americans. Some of the background information you need to know is he was determined to find the water route from Eupurope to Asia instead, he found Americas.

This argument is that the world would be different if Christopher Columbus never came to the Americas. The main points are global trade, wars, who would have founded America, Native Americans, and who would be the powerful country. In “What If Columbus Had Reached His Goal:Japan?” by Michael Hoffman a news website from Japan the author wants to make you believe that Columbus would change Japan if he did not make it to Americas and he has stated theories throughout the article. The reasons are Yoshimasi of Columbus, grasping wealth, insatiable curiosity, and globe-girdling restlessness. The evidence is “ No man in the history of Japan had a greater influence on the formation of Japanese taste”.

The evidence it gives is mostly on background information so it will barely support the claims that are made by the author. The way the article is structured helps you see more of the argument in order by background information and then the theories but however, the document is not balanced at all, we don’t get to see how it wouldn’t have changed history. There are no counter arguments in the article which make the support weak because the readers do not have a way they can see the two different arguments with.

The only flaws in the reasoning is that it does not give a lot of evidence to support the reasons but, only background information. Michael Hoffman is a fiction and nonfiction writer therefore he doesn’t have any experience that we know of studying history but, we would have to make an assumption that he does. Overall this document is weak because of the evidence we can’t really get accurate theories from it to help the argument grow. In “ How Did Christopher Columbus Affect the United States?” by Nick Robison from a website for a college classroom, the author wants you to believe that Christopher Columbus affected history for us today. The author has stated this belief all throughout the argument. The reason Robison gives is genocide of Native Americans, slave trade, and columbian exchange. The evidence he uses to back it up is “Later colonists and explorers followed his example.

Slavery quickly spread from the island of Hispanola to South America, Mexico and the areas that would become the American South”. When supporting the claims the evidence is strong to show the different ways he changed history for others too. The way the author structure it helps you see the argument with each different topic label above the text. The document has a balanced perspective by showing how some things did not change history but, there was no counter argument made. Nick Robinson is a writer, instructor and graduate student. He worked as a teacher and administrator at three different colleges and universities and his writing centers on education and travel. This helps his credibility by knowing that he has to study multiple topics from being an instructor especially since more about education and traveling. This document is strong. The only weakness is there is now counter argument.

In “What If Christopher Columbus Never Existed?” by Amelia Ducan from a history website. The argument is that the world would not be different if it was not for Christopher Columbus and the main points are there were other European founders and wars would have started but, a little later. The evidence to support the reasoning is “ Nearly every time Spanish ships landed in the New World, it went horribly for the indigenous people. In 1519, Hernando Cortes, whom the Aztecs initially assumed was their god Quetzelcoatl, attacked the native populations viciously.”

It is strong by supporting the claims made because it uses background information and theories together. The structure of the article is a weakness because it goes from one thing to another without transitions. It uses a counter argument but, it does not give us a balanced perspective. The statistics help make their information more credible and the only flaws are the structure makes the reasons confusing. Amelia Ducan writes different stories for the news mostly about history. This helps her credibility by knowing she could come up with different theories by studying history. The overall document is strong to support the argument because the only weakness that threw off the reasoning was the structure.

I believe that if Christopher Columbus had never came to America so the world would be different because there are so many sources for that topic that proves the theory. I believe that the Native American would have taken over before any other European could have landed to steal their land. I swayed more towards the first perspective because one simple thing can change history anytime so, even if another person went and took over they would probably do things a little bit different than Columbus. As a Native American I feel like Christopher Columbus never came, we would have a lot more full blooded Native Americans.

Also, I feel like I am more biased to not liking Columbus because there would be so many tribes that would be here today if they were not killed off by the Europeans. There does need to be more investigation done because enough evidence accumulates to support a hypothesis, it moves to the next step known as a theory in the scientific method and becomes accepted as a valid explanation of a fact. We need more resources to explore the issue further and changes need to be made in the way the issue is studied and discussed by experts in historian. The potential impact of future study could finally figure out if the world was better without Columbus or would it just be the same and they wouldn’t just be theories they would be facts.

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