How to Cope with Asthma in Childhood

  • Updated December 24, 2021
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Asthma is a long term and at times is classified as an chronic disease, which occurs in the respiratory system. It cause inflammation tightening, or even spams of the bronchial tubes. When this happen air can not get to lungs which in returns causes breathing problems. Health care providers believe that is a product of an environment or allergen; some even believe it is genetics. Individuals that are diagnose with asthma find a way to cope with it cause there is no none cure.

Asthma is one of the most common chronic illnesses of childhood, which continues to grow every year. It effect more females then males and has a high presents in low-income areas. Asthma is a long time illness of the respiratory tract, which causes inflammation and narrowing of the airways. Asthma can be serious and even life threating to a person nonetheless a person can never grow out of it simply able to manage it to life a normal and healthy life. With having asthma there are known symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, and excess mucus production. Coughing mainly happens in the morning or in the evenings. (Mayoclinic) To help people to understand how to treat asthma by simply knowing their trigger and how to avoid them, whether it is allergies or environmental causes.

Asthma affects people of all ages and most of the time it starts in early childhood. To help determine if asthma were present you would need to consult with a healthcare professional, answer some question, and take a breathing test. Once a person is diagnosed with asthma they would need to come up with a action plan too help them treat it. This plan is put together with the healthcare provider input. The healthcare provider would look at many factors into why they asthmatic attack and what there trigger are. By knowing the trigger, they can avoid them if possible so they don’t have to worry about the asthmatic attacks.

Each year that patient does not know what their trigger are or have the right action plan can cause emergency room visits. Emergency department visits are very costly and most of the patients come from low-income areas that do not have the insurance to pay for the visits. In the article, I read, poverty and stress of how to pay the hospital bill pays a roll in what type of treatment a person or child would receive. Caregiver of children and adult with asthma that frequent emergency department says that it is “ stressful, overwhelming, and difficult,” to be able to get the care them need because they worry were the money will come from to pay the hospital bill. (Improving Care of Inner-City Children)

Most people don not have the income to pay for the medical bills let a lone the medication they need for future care at home. This is where a community training and understanding of asthma would come in play. By teaching other how to help others to cope and find ways for them to get medication at low cost would help with patient care. I would like to start an asthma clinic which would have classes to teach about asthma and also low cost medication there for patient who can not afford it. With doing a program like this would be costly however I could ask companies in the area to help with the clinic experiences by donations. It doesn’t need to be a clinic as much as a room to hold meeting and answer question for individual who have concerns.

Since children have asthma also, it is important that not only the parents know how to treat them but also anyone they could come in contract with. Children need to have an education and by sending them to school will introduce them to new triggers and stressors, however the school nurse needs to understands how to treat asthma. Most nurses understand how to treat asthma, because most have their own plan of action written out for every student who has asthma because no one cases is them same. However most teachers do not understand how asthma works because it is different for everyone.

In this study I read, it states that most parent were in enrolled in an educational program which help them to understand it better. It showed an increase is how to treat the child because hospital visit are expensive. Although family plays a major part in how asthma is managed, it can be very hard to send them to school knowing that their teacher lacks the education of how to treat an asthma attack. (Effect of Family Empowerment) I would like to implement a class or classes for teachers and with in the community of how help manage an asthma attack.

With this type of class in place it would help individual to understand how it works and what the symptoms are. With having more people educated it could help a child not to be scared what is going on. Also in a different class, I would like to help the children cope with this disease and to understand that it not the end of the world but a unique way to life. Having the children involve in their own health care and set them up for future problems that them could handle incase they are by their selves. Having asthma as a child scary but having the understanding of it could help ease their minds on the subject.

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