Help Fight World Hunger

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According to an article written in 2012 by Krista Larson, a writer for News hub writes, ‘It’s 10am, and the 2-year-old is still waiting for breakfast. Aliou Seyni Diallo collapses to his knees in tears and plops his forehead down on the dirt outside his family’s hut. Soon he is wailing inconsolably and writhing on his back in the sand. A neighbor spot him, picks him up easily by one arm, and gives him a little uncooked millet in a metal bowl. The toddler shovels it into his mouth with sticky fingers coated in tears and grime.

The crying stops, for the moment’. Today I want to inform to you guys about how big of an issue the world hunger has become and how our small donation could change the lives of so many. I have lived in a place where hunger did affect many lives and also researched it on articles and other reliable sources. We can only live without food for few days but imagine the millions out there who are trying so hard just to get that one-time meal. So, in the name of humanity, let’s put ourselves in their shoes and just try to imagine how different and disconsolate their life is from ours.

Hunger is becoming a major global problem and it’s causing some serious health concerns. All the below information shows how hunger is causing some serious life–threatening problems. According to the State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014 External Link (.pdf), published by the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization, International Fund for Agricultural Development, and the World Food Program, the number of undernourished people in the world is 805million, or one in nine.

Hunger is also causing high infant mortality rate. World hunger facts on their website published on 2012 states that ‘Malnourished women are more likely to be sick, have smaller babies and die earlier, resulting in high levels of infant mortality in areas where chronic hunger is a problem. And where infant and child mortality is high, birth rates are also high, locking these communities in a vicious cycle of malnutrition and death’. Connective: Although hunger is causing some serious problems around the globe, there are still many solutions to help reduce the increasing number.

We as a people need to step up and take some serious action against the world hunger from increasing. We need to aware people about the causes and effects of world hunger. Jacques Lecarte on the ‘European Parliamentary Research’ in November 2014 writes, ‘Service A recent policy brief from the International Food Policy Research Institute highlights the need for a comprehensive strategy for resolving the problem, which must include concrete actions, improvements in national incomes and democracy, increased resources and political will to invest in health environments, women’s education and status, and food availability.

We need to educate people about how a simple meal we waste every day could be saving someone’s life. Roberto A. Ferdman who is a reporter for Wonk blog covering food, economics, and other things writes in the Washington Post that ‘The most obvious problem with this waste is that while Americans are throwing out their food, an estimated one in every nine people in the world still suffers from chronic hunger—that is, insufficient food—including more than 200 million in Sub-Saharan Africa and more than 500 million Asia. Even in the United States, where that number is significantly lower, some 14 percent of U.S households still struggled to put food on the table for a portion of last year, according to the USDA.’ Connective: Now that we have talked about some simple actions to prevent the hunger, let me tell you about the benefits of my plan and consequences of not following my solutions.

There are benefits and consequences to not following the simple action that I’ve stated.  By following the simple actions I mentioned earlier, we can not only reduce the increasing number of people starving but also can save the life of millions. If we can persuade people to donate a little and by doing that, we can live in a world where people and especially the innocent children won’t have to starve and suffer. Even hunger is coming in waves but we can instill in people about its true causes so that we could save the poor from getting drowned in famine

There are some consequences to not following the actions mentioned in the solutions. There are some consequences to not following the actions mentioned in the solutions. There will be a higher rate of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression for both parents and their children. Not feeding the hunger would also increase the risk of homelessness and can also be crucial for cognitive, emotional and social development of the children.


In conclusion, world hunger has become a global issue and we must do something about it. A small donation can make a huge difference and by helping people in need we can decrease the increasing rate of hunger which could possibly have a positive impact in their life. On the same article mentioned in the beginning about Aliou Seyni Diallo, ‘Each day is now a struggle for the women of this parched village in north Senegal to keep hungry children at bay, as they search desperately for food. Aliou’s mother can only recall one time in her life when it was worse – and that was more than 20 years ago’.

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