Freedom is not Free: Johan Van Hulst and Martin Luther King

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Most people take freedom for granted. They do not understand the sacrifices people have made to achieve freedom. Freedom is not free; people had to give their life for your freedom of religion, right, segregation, equality, and more. They did not only fight for their freedom but yours. People like Sojourner Truth fought for freedom from slavery, women’s rights, and equality, Johan Van Hulst helped give Jewish children freedom in the holocaust and Martin Luther King fought against segregation.

Sojourner Truth was an African American abolitionist, someone who fought for slavery, evangelist and a women’s rights activist who was born into slavery in 1797 and was sold four times to cruel and violent slave masters. She lived a tragic life as a slave for 29 years until she managed to escape with her infant daughter to freedom in 1826, where they were taken in by the Van Wagenen’s, an abolitionist family.

Living among people of faith, Sojourner Truth became dedicated to Christianity. In 1843, she believed it was her religious obligation to go forth and speak the truth, to teach the gospel and speak against slavery and oppression. In 1851, at the Ohio women’s rights conventions, Sojourner Truth accomplished a speech about equal rights for black women. She also helped recruit black soldiers during the Civil War. Truth rallied black refugees to donate food, clothes and other supplies. Her activism for the abolitionist movement gained the attention of President Abraham Lincoln, who invited her to the White House, where she put her fortitude and contempt for segregation by riding on the whites-only streetcar. She was also the first black woman to sue a white man. Sojourner Truth continued to speak out against discrimination and in favor of women’s suffrage for the rest of her life until 1883 when she dolefully passed away.

Johan Van Hulst was a Dutch school director, university professor, author and political who, during the Holocaust, did not fight for his freedom, but the freedom of Jewish children. During the Holocaust, he arranged for the transport of some very precious cargo. However, the cargo was not food or supplies, but were Jewish children. Johan Van smuggled and saved 600 Jewish kids from the Nazis in the Holocaust. He gave them freedom, food, and shelter. He transformed their lives for the best and gave them a chance to live.

Martin Luther King was a social activist who was fighting against segregation. He became the leader in the nonviolent civil rights movement to terminate segregation and discrimination. He was strongly committed to achieving legal equality for African Americans and traversed the country in his quest for freedom which led him to his success in ending the legal segregation of African Americans. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his nonviolent action of the Civil Rights movement. However, freedom is not free, there were people like Izola Curry, who were unhappy with what King was doing, so they decide to end his life. People bombed King’s house, stabbed him, but all attempts failed until April 4, 1968, when Martin Luther King was assassinated. He was shot with a shotgun by James Earl Ray then passed away an hour later at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Memphis.

Freedom is not free; you must fight for it. People like Sojourner Truth, Johan Van Hulst, and Martin Luther King had so many sacrifices to make. They risk their lives for our freedom, and some gave their life up like Martin Luther King. Everyone is made equal and deserves to be treated the same, but our world is not perfect, we must fight for the rights we don’t have.

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