Decreasing of Shopping-in

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Have you ever said,” This is the last time I go to shop-in .”? A number of times shopping from the local stores turns our beautiful day to a crappy day, but many people still go shopping every other day. Shopping-in is boring and annoying. We spend hours at the store without finding something convenient due to the limited brands, styles, and sizes. Shop-in is really such a wasting time when we get stuck in the traffic, when we pull over for a car trouble or when we go to shop in the harsh weather. When will people think about checking the products online before going to shop-in?

Most items prices in the shopping mall stores are more expensive than the online shopping. Looking for a near lot to the store in the car park, and waiting in the long line for checking out are the worst situations ever happen to me when I go shopping. Why several local stores have closed in recent years? Shopping online is a widespread phenomenon. The tendency of people relies on shopping online is increasing day after day. As long as there is online shopping nowadays, we need to underestimate shopping-in because the products are limited, the goods are expensive, and the hours spent are useless.

The products in the stores are limited in terms of brands, styles, and sizes. I often was going to shop from the stores, but I noticed many of them offer specific and unfamiliar brands because of the space available for each store. Additionally, stores usually put up for sale an old fashion/style items whether are clothes, household appliances or even toys. I always waste time looking through racks to find s/m size shirts, though they are commonly get sold out quickly, but the stores always have a few pieces of each size.

I have compared the goods price in the stores with those are on sale online. I realized that the main reason of high prices in the store is because the retailers have to pay for intermediaries and those have to hire sales people which means the price is distributed to multiple sides. The same shoes I wanted to buy from Kohl’s store for $70, I found them online on Amazon for $55 with free shipping, free return within two weeks, and no taxes charge as well. A quick trip to the store for new sneakers can turn into a half cart full of candy, snacks, nuts, and so on. Stores know how to target shoppers’ weakness, and how to get their attracted attention. They always want people to overspend.

Many people don’t take into consideration the time spent before going to shopping, looking for their needs at the store, and waiting in the long line at the cashier. Once I was driving to the mall with my uncle we pulled over due to a low tire pressure. Do people take into consideration the probability of having a construction in the road? Multiple times I slowed down speeding while going to shopping on the snowy day, and on the foggy day. Driving in the parking lot for 15 minutes to find a vacant lot, and walking throughout the store to find the needs. Furthermore, waiting in the long line for 45 minutes at the cash register is such inappropriate way to shop. Because of what happened to me, I reject the idea of shopping-in all the time. After modernizing shopping online, I depend on it most of the time.

People argue that shopping-in is the only way can trust the product. They like to see the actual item, to touch it, and to ask sales assistant to clarify the doubts regarding the product. However, people can watch multiple photos of each item online, they can read the customers’ reviews, in addition to, they can ask any question to the retailer who will answer them quickly. Some people argue that they enjoy shop-in. Although the goods are more expensive than the one are online, but the ads and deals grab people in the store. Don’t they spend more than what they planned when they shop-in? Some people think that the process of shopping-in doesn’t take too much time. But actually they waste time driving back and forth to the store more than looking for the needs. Isn’t such a worthless time when someone spends hours at the store without buying nothing?

Shopping-in is not always the best idea to buy the needs. It kills the day by driving back and forth to the store. It makes people spend their hard-earned money more than they planned for. Shopping-in dissatisfies people for the particular types of items. It is tedious and time consuming by waiting in the line for a period of time at the cash register. It’s time to think about purchasing the needs easily, quickly, and comfortably.

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