Shopping Tourism

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Marsha (2015) suggest that shopping center plaza features in Indonesia simultaneously affect tourism satisfaction. Moreover, service quality has the most effect on customer satisfaction and purchasing, separately. On the contrary, bargains have no noticeable influence on customer satisfaction.

Dubihlela and Dubihlela (2014) by Factor Analysis discover that product features (e.g. product variability, product`s quality, Availability, labeled and Filled shelves by-product), store environment (air conditioner and Cleanliness), facilities (transportation to shopping center, parking space) and product`s price are the most important influential factors on satisfaction among customers of shopping centers in Gauteng state in South Africa.

By Multivariate Regression Khalaf Ahmad (2012) suggest that The explanatory variables such as beauty, comfort, and accessibility, amusement and service quality have a positive effect on customer satisfaction from shopping centers in Jeddah Province in Saudi Arabia. Wong et al (2012) by Structural equation method acclaim that variables such as comfort, product and service`s quality, shopping center environment and bargains respectively have the most impact on Chinese tourist satisfaction from Hong Kong Business centers.

BARUTÇU et al (2011) examined tourists’ satisfaction from shopping centers in Analia by One-way analysis of variance method. Based upon Survey shopping centers significantly don’t meet customer’s needs. Customer were satisfied from transportation to shopping centers, Variety of shops, seller`s awareness of the product, services and extent of shops. Whereas, elements such as seller`s behavior, unlabeled products, customers distrust to sellers after purchasing, opening time and no flexibility in currency exchange. Besides, consumer satisfaction from various features in Analia shopping centers differ based on nationality.

Regarding to this fact that one of the most important competitive factors and one of the Best Indicators Ensuring Future Profit Growth is tourists satisfaction and also, Satisfaction rate of tourists as an important measure for evaluating work quality so, the more satisfied tourist there is, the more tourist attraction and tourism development acquire. If tourists are satisfied, it is more likely to come back to previous shopping center and encourage other people to go to these places.

According to what stated, tourists and pilgrims spend considerable time in shopping centers (Including classic and modern type) so, examining the tourist satisfaction and then tourists and pilgrims intentions to more purchasing is require. Satisfaction and tend to purchase dependent on Different elements including economic, social and environmental factors. Identification and the effect of these elements can use for analysis and planning to create sustainable shopping tourism, benefit of shopping tourism for residents in Mashhad and also provide high quality shopping tourism experience for pilgrims and tourists.

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