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Islam Religion

Head covering is still a significant practice in many religions in the world including Catholicism and Orthodox Judaism. The practice of covering the head plays a central role in the Islam religion. Islam is one of the most popular religions in the world. It began as a small faith community within the region of Arabian…




Significance of animistic belief systems

With reference to one particular country in mainland south east Asia,discuss the significance of animiatic belief systems? In this essay I will be discussing the significance of animiatic belief systems particularly in how it relates to Thailand and the significance of it. Animisn can be defined as the religious belief that objects, places and creatures…


Belief Systems,


Retributive Justice System

Retribution is a system of justice in which the offender is punished rather than being assisted to change. Retribution is a term that is linked to a Latin word “tribution” which is translated as “paying back.” Therefore, retribution is a justice system where the offender is required to pay back for the wrongs done through…




Abortion Politics

Over the past few decades, the level of maternal mortality rates has decreased across the world. Availability of medical abortion improved levels of health care, and increased access to safe abortion as well as post-abortion attention must have contributed to the above global scenario. However, scholars have argued it is difficult to evaluate the extent…



The Equality Act

The Equality Act 2010 outlines that public authorities must comply with equality duty set by the public sector. This duty is in addition to their first duty to not discriminate against you. The duty aims to make sure public authorities think about things like discrimination and the needs of people who are disadvantaged or suffer…


Gender Equality,



Issues of Islamic Anti-Semitism

Introduction Number of scholars has reported the strengthening as well as extent of anti-Semitism in large parts of the Muslim world over the last eight decades which included Andrew Bostom, Klaus Gensicke and Meir Litvak . A comprehensive acceptance of Islamic anti-Semitism thus not only demands review of existing proceedings, but also an appreciative of…

History of Islam,



Meursault and the Death Penalty Argument

As an illustration of Elaine Scarry’s interpretation of pain, as quoted by Austin Sarat, Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Science, in his book Gruesome Spectacles: Pain, literary theorist Elaine Scarry observes, ‘has no voice… When one hears about another’s physical pain, the events happening within the interior of that person’s body may seem to have…

Death Penalty,




Ethics and Religions

Ethics is an essential component of any social confinement because it aids in providing viable information on how the social contract can be maintained. Understanding the different worldviews helps in ensuring that the premise of the ethical codes is established. This paper evaluates different prospects, the philosophical viewpoints, and the ethics which are connected to…





Importance Of Family Planning For Youth

Introduction Family planning is the practice of controlling the number of children one has and the intervals between their birth, particularly by the means of contraception or voluntary sterilization. There are certain modern contraception and other methods of birth control to regulate the number to regulate the number, timing and spacing of human birth. Population…



Gender Roles,

Planned Parenthood,


Forgiveness in Christianity

From the integrative work, we found out that shame/guilt and acceptance/forgiveness are fundamentally different both in theory and reality. They are separate emotions: shame displays how we feel about ourselves whereas guilt is the acknowledgement of hurting someone through our actions. Shame is a result of bad feeling about ourselves, making us feel disappointed and…





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