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The Regina George Church of Mean Girls

The religion I created is called The Regina George Church of Mean Girls. Regina George founded the church of mean girls on her first day of high school in 2004. The first day of school she walked into school and was horrified at all of the ugly clothes everyone was wearing and how weird people…

first day of school,




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A Research Proposal for the Degree of Dhamma Paragu

A Critical study of Buddhist Perspective on the Wrong action (Agati) Introduction Four wrong actions are described in a lot of places in Buddhist scriptures and concerned with laypeople, monks and nuns. In spite of the fact that there are some different ethical systems introduced by the Buddha and his disciple, it is undeniable that…




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The Day of the Dead

For many people, the first thing they think when they hear ‘Día de los muertos’ is ‘Oh, it’s that holiday where Mexicans dress up as skeletons and make fun of talking about their dead loved ones.’ But it is much more than that, and preconceived notions are often wrong. It even has an American counterpart…


Day of the Dead,


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It Is a Great Responsibility to Be a King

 What will this king do? What is this king’s leadership style like? The king will take from the people for himself and continue taking. The king will turn out to be like the kings from Egypt. How does Samuel feel about the elders asking for a king? How does the LORD feel? Samuel wasn’t happy…




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Hamlet’s Ghost and its Religious Origin

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare between the years 1599 and 1601. Many of Shakespeare’s plays are characterized by a religious theme or undertone. However, Hamlet does not focus on a single belief but rather is full of religious ambiguity and uncertainty. Hamlet himself constantly struggles with…




Revenge In Hamlet

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What Should Be the Image of a German Soldier

The old German warrior ethos plays a major role in German culture. The old German warrior primary beliefs are strong and natural, virtue of hospitality, loyalty. Their knowledge comes from three main sources of knowledge about Germanic tribes in the German culture were Tacitus, Caesar and Christian missionaries, each of which has their own personal…




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Reformation And Creation Of Religion

Different religions are created when man decides that a belief that a church may say isn’t what thy think is right. Throughout history we have many leaders who began a reformation and created a religion they believe is truest. Martin Luther created Lutheranism, John Calvin created Calvinism, the radicals created Anabaptism, Spiritualism and Unitarianism. But…


Martin Luther,



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Albert Camus’s Views vs. Religious Beliefs

Albert Camus emphasizes that there is no meaning to life, and that people should not go on a quest to seek meaning. He believes that death is final and that there is not an afterlife. From his point of view, thinking that there is an afterlife is absurd. We are all born to die. He…

Albert Camus,




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The Religion And War

If we were to look back into history, we can find many forms of violence or conflict. Conflict is an ongoing action that the human species seem to engage in, regardless of how people may feel about it. Cultures around the globe will have a different perspective on conflict or war, some may favor it,…






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The Inconceivable Act of Regicide Freed the English to Think Unimaginable Thoughts

The events of January 1649 form a truly revolutionary moment in English history. The abolition of monarchy, the termination of the House of Lords, the closely linked disestablishment of the Church of England and of the principle that all Englishmen and women ought to be members of a single national Church eroded the fabric of…




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