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Harold Livesay’s Biography of Andrew Carnegie

Pages 2 (482 words)

Andrew Carnegie


In Harold Livesay’s Biography of Andrew Carnegie the narrator, Livesay, takes the reader through Carnegie’s life in a linear fashion from childhood to death and similarly humbling desperation to copious success from early 19th century to early 20th century. I believe that Livesay’s goal is to reinforce the idea that through determination, hard work, effort…

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Andrew Carnegie’s ‘The Gospel of Wealth’ & Karl Marx’s the Communist Manifesto Argumentative Essay

Pages 7 (1 529 words)

Andrew Carnegie

Karl Marx

Social Class

The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and “The Gospel of Wealth” by Andrew Carnegie were written in a response to increasingly hostile social class tensions. While addressing this issue, both authors express significantly different ideals for society as well as the means to attain them. Karl Marx believes that the proper, common good is the…

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Andrew Carnegie’s Desire to Be Better Than the Competition

Pages 3 (525 words)

Andrew Carnegie



Andrew Carnegie was an industrialist that wanted the best for others, while at the same time he would still be making profit now that was not in others interests. When he was young, he worked in a factory as other opportunities came along, he gathered as much information as he could so he too could…

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Industrial Captain Andrew Carnegie

Pages 3 (691 words)

Andrew Carnegie



During the 1900s and 1900s, there was enormous growth in big business. There were immigrants coming to America, big cities were booming, and new industries were coming together. This time was called the Gilded Age, which is the time period shown in the Harper’s Weekly cartoon. During this time, government was able to pursue plans…

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How the Period From 1865 to 1910 Was Beneficial for America 

Pages 5 (1 083 words)

Andrew Carnegie


United States

Some people would argue that the Post Civil War period in America from 1865 to around 1910 was more detrimental than beneficial. However, it was a progressive time for African Americans, and the United States was experiencing major advantageous changes through industrialization and urbanization. Therefore, the period from 1865 to around 1910 was more beneficial…

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Industrial Leader Andrew Carnegie

Pages 2 (410 words)

Andrew Carnegie



At the beginning of the novel workers were powerless over working conditions because of the power of industrial leaders in their ability to prevent workers from forming unions and controlling workers political beliefs and values. Andrew Carnegie and his manager Captain Jones refused to open the steel mills in Braddock unless workers under the Knights…

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Was Andrew Carnegie a True Hero DBQ?

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November 25, 1835, Dunfermline, United Kingdom


August 11, 1919, Lenox, MA


Margaret Carnegie Miller


Grandchildren: Roswell Miller III, Margaret Morrison Miller, Louise Carnegie Miller

Parents: William Carnegie, Margaret Morrison Carnegie

Spouse: Louise Whitfield Carnegie (m. 1887–1919)

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