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Balling on a Budget

Everyone loves the holidays, whether it is spending time with cherished relatives and friends or just having the day off. Yet there is one thing that majority of us do not like to do: Spend money! Holidays can be taxing, literally, when low on money. Shopping may be demanding and expensive, but by using these…


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Saving Money

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Track Your Money to Save It

Everyone knows the importance of saving money: to protect against emergencies, to secure your future, etcetera, etcetera. However, saving money is often confused with penny-pinching. It is not necessary to deprive yourself of things that give you joy to build a healthy emergency fund; It might simply be a matter of allocating your money more…


Personal Finance,

Saving Money

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Influence of Power and Money

Power is the strongest weapon one can have in their lives. Power has the strength to change everything and bring it in their favor. One can hold power in different forms and bring about a difference. Power of democracy gives the right to elect who would bring about a change in the country and with…



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Can We Say That Money Make One Happy

Happiness is not tradable or profitable, its an emotion for example, sadness, anger etc, it measures your entire life up until the present moment. It tends to last long or short for many people, happiness depends on ourselves according to Aristotle’s, but happiness means differently to everyone as what they are looking for. Our life…

Dream Vacation,



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Bitcoin Slot Machines

Looking back over the past decade, the point is that the world is becoming more and more digital. This change has conquered many areas of men’s lives, even the most influential. Today, even the currency is affected by its changes. The birth of the bitcoin electronic money is the formal proof. Since its creation, Bitcoin…


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Sustainable Blockchain and Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Blockchain finance is the application of blockchain technology in the financial area. The financial services industry is the driving force for global economic development and one of the most centralized industries at the same time. The information asymmetry between the two parties in the financial market has made it impossible to establish an effective credit…


Computer Science

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