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International eWallet – Virtual Banking

Money the most important or integral part of our life is any item or verifiable record that is accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts, such as taxes, in a particular country or socio-economic context. As we consider money as a precious part of our life, its important to carry them…



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The Ivy League Study

While these changes experienced have been proven to be successful at the collegiate level, the same cannot be said when it comes to the professional athletes in the NFL. Even though changes have taken place with NFL kickoff rules, stemming from the successful study from the Ivy League, the NFL is witnessing different effects. Concussions…


Ivy League,



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Money and Happiness in John Steinbeck’s The Pearl Summary

Occasionally, too much wealth can satisfy an individual’s heart desires but oftentimes, it can bring the worst out of him or her. In the book, The Pearl by John Steineck, it shows that even simple actions can greatly impact one’s life. The story is about a family that lives in La Paz, Mexico where the…

Can Money Buy Happiness,

John Steinbeck,


The Pearl

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Personal Finance Reflection

Taking control of your personal finance is something that you should learn how to do before you become an adult. By taking control of your finances early on you with be able to lead a more happy, stress free life. When you turn 18, you are given the opportunity to build credit, your credit worthiness…

Credit Card,



Personal Finance,

Saving Money

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Corruption Leads to Money Waste

Corruption is the use of powers by the government for illegitimate private gain. Some forms of corruptions are bribery or extortion. Corruption may facilitate criminal enterprise like drug trafficking and money laundering (En.wikipedia.org, 2019). Corruption is most commonplace in mafia states, narco-states. Corruption may be in different sizes. It may be between small groups of…



Political Corruption

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Thing That Money Can’t Buy

I want everyone to think to themselves, “Can money buy happiness?” Some of you would say, “Well, yeah there are so many things I can buy that will make me happy!” Not really, let me explain. Happiness is a difficult word to clarify but it’s not impossible. We all have a different point of view…

Can Money Buy Happiness,




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Macro Economics: Exchange Rates

Introduction The topic of the assignment is “Exchange rates”. “Price of one currency expressed in respect of another currency is called exchange rate”. It has 2 parts: That is domestic currency and foreign currency. Often exchange rates are quoted against the foreign currency that is the US Dollar. Regularly trade rates are cited against the…




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Is Money a Key to Happiness

Happiness is the most important feeling that someone could feel. one useful standard for living is being able to be genuinely happy. Happiness can come in many different ways. Positive people always seem to be the happy people. No matter what type of hardships they have endured, they try their best to overcome and set…

Can Money Buy Happiness,



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International Finance

The global financial markets relate to stocks, bonds, securities, debt, and many more. The fluctuations in the interest rate of debt and securities depend on the national interest rate of all countries. Changes in interest rates have a significant impact on foreign investment. High-interest rates have a stronger currency value than the country with lower…




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Money vs True Happiness Argumentative Essay

Does Money Bring True Happiness This question comes up a lot, be it in movies or everyday life. The answer to this question always varies when asked and can show what kind of person someone is and what they truly value most in life. Money is needed for almost everything like food, clothing, and a…

Can Money Buy Happiness,



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