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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Sexual Violence in an African-American Community

Pages 3 (653 words)


Sexual Assault


In the United States being sexually assaulted or have sexual violence done is usually by an acquaintance or family member. There is a difference between being sexually assaulted and sexual violence. Being sexually violated is penetration into the mouth, anal, or vagina. Sexually assaulted is attempted rape, and unwanted sexual contact. Within the united states…

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The Conscious Parent: Reflection Paper

Pages 8 (1 877 words)

Child Abuse

Corporal Punishment

Social Work

The paper will reflect on the book The Conscious Parent, by Shefali Tsabary Ph.D. First, three chapters will be critically and reflectively analyzed through three different viewpoints. To add, my parent’s, a future parent myself, and as a future, Social Worker viewpoints would be examined. In conclusion, The Conscious Parent will be applied to the…

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Planned Parenthood And the Legalization of Abortion Through Roe v. Wade

Pages 9 (2 114 words)


Medical Ethics

Roe v Wade

Planned Parenthood has become a topic for debate and controversy over the ethics behind the organization and if the government should fund it or not. Planned Parenthood is a non profit organization provides services for women who need birth control pills, hormone sterilization, and other sexual reproductive services. However one of these services that they…

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Scholarship Policy and Procedures

Pages 11 (2 575 words)



Introduction Proctor et al. (2009) define implementation research as, “the study of processes and strategies that integrate evidence-based effective treatment into routine use” (p.5). Driven by their concern with complexity and the process by which outcomes are reached, policy implementation scholarship is, most often, qualitative, with many implementation scholars utilizing case study methodology (Sandfort &…

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Separation and Divorce Sexual Assault Occurring in Rural Areas

Pages 12 (2 955 words)

Child Abuse

Sexual Assault


“Women are commonly warned about the dangers of living and traveling alone and the need to avoid unlit areas, but they are rarely told that the place they are most likely to be victimized is at home by their intimate partners.” (PAGE 3). Some women become victims in their own homes by their partners. Some…

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The Current Juvenile System

Pages 5 (1 097 words)




Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

The End of Juvenile Prison, talks about how over the past few decades that most states have expanded juvenile detention facilities so that they are more like adult prisons. Bernstein argues that it is fundamentally wrong to treat kids like adult offenders because of the conditions that have continued through investigation in different states. She…

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A Medical Assistant Comes to Crime From Poverty

Pages 3 (525 words)


Medical Assistant


There are so many repercussions growing up in Poverty, it is estimated that one in five American children now live in families with incomes below the poverty line, and their futures look grim (Russell sage, 2016).  Being underprivileged is statistically linked with a variety of unfortunate outcomes for children, from low birth weight and poor…

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The Importance of Using Secure E-mail and How to Use PGP and S/MIME Technology to Send Secure Emails

Pages 6 (1 361 words)

Identity Theft


Digital gadgets and IoT devices including our laptops, mobiles, tablets and smart watches etc. have become a part of our lifestyle. Not a day passes by when we do not use some type of technologically equipped device or service. As digital transformation is driving the technology industry the need for digital security and privacy protection…

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Without The Right Of Early Release Of Juveniles

Pages 2 (484 words)




Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

This has to be one of the most difficult essays I’ve ever typed because this topic has made me really think about life. As an adolescent, I feel that juveniles should not receive life without parole due to the fact that they still have their whole life ahead of them and they were so young…

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The Injustices Faced by the Human Race in Letters from Birmingham Jail, an Inspirational Letter by Martin Luther King Jr.

Pages 3 (605 words)




Injustice is a constant in the circle of life. There has not been a time in known human histow where injustice didn’t have some sort of presence. In many different civilizations across the world and human history, injustices have been pushed upon a certain group of people. Since the black slave trade existed, people have…

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Law is human nature, and it is mandatory to create laws in this world for the smooth running of the system. Due to the laws, the world is running at a good pace; otherwise, there could be a complete disaster. The governments and states implement laws, but every person has the laws they have implemented.

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