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Growth of Medium Law Firms in Scotland after Brexit

Scottish law firms are facing many challenges since the UK decided to leave the European in the summer 2016. (Brexit referendum) Then, medium-sized law firms are also facing many of the similar competitions as their greater foils. This event is no doubt that the law firms and legal expert service’s demand remains high, and the…


Great Britain,


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Legal Professionals of the English Legal System

The distinction between the legal professionals of the English legal system is clouded and lacks any real divergence in their respective roles. English legal system is one of the oldest legal systems underlying the legal systems of some countries like America. We are talking about English legal system and not about United Kingdom legal system,…

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Law on Business and Customers Protection

Introduction Laws are important to human existence and its prevailing powers in any circumstances is known as the rule of law. Rule of law is therefore a perception that means no one is above the law. It gives the clear position of actions to be taken or understandable rules that everyone has to follow including…




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Issue of False Memories in Legal System

“Memory is born every day, springing from the past, and set against it”, a statement that the Uruguayan novelist Eduardo Galeano once made (Galeano & Belfrage, 1991). Memories are flexible, unsettled and can be revised whenever they are retrieved (Howe & Knott, 2015). Recall of the experiences that are stored in our memory can be…

Criminal Justice,



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Fingerprint Evidence

Francis Galton, Henry Faulds and William Herschel often get the credit when it comes to fingerprint identification systems. The first criminal conviction was accomplished in 1892 thanks to Juan Vucetich’s fingerprint system being used 10 years prior to this evidence being used in cases in England and Paris. (Teitelbaum, 2018). A woman by the name…

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Collecting Evidence by Forensic Anthropology

We choose the topic of Forensic Anthropology because it plays an important role in establishing the cause of death in an investigation. The goal of our paper was to prove that finding valid evidence plays a key role in allowing judges and the jury, to correctly accuse those who have committed a crime. There have…

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Tampering with Evidence 

Stacy and Sharon snuck out one Saturday night, and decided to smoke marijuana together. Stacy was speeding on the freeway ,when she saw a police vehicle flagging her down. Sharon instantly swallowed the joint to get rid of it as Stacy pulled to the right side of the road. Would you do that if you felt…

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Trace Evidence

Introduction In present day we know the Locard’s Exchange Principle. Which was developed by Edmund Locard a French scientist who believed any interaction between humans will leave some type of trace (Saferstein ,2011).  Regardless of the scenario, when people interact every individual will carry something away from one another. Some of these transfers may need…

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Supreme Individualism in Legal System

“Supreme Individualism”, at least in regards to the American legal system and more specifically to this class, can be defined, in my opinion, by the following: An extreme examination of every single person or crime with the belief that any ‘evil’ or crime committed is done so because the person committing the crime is inherently…




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Understanding Trace Evidence

Trace evidence can be anything at a crime scene. If someone comes into contact with something at a scene, or even just goes to the scene and leaves, trace evidence can be left there. Edmond Locard is someone who we can thank a great deal when it comes to trace evidence. Edmond Locard was trained…

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Law is human nature, and it is mandatory to create laws in this world for the smooth running of the system. Due to the laws, the world is running at a good pace; otherwise, there could be a complete disaster. The governments and states implement laws, but every person has the laws they have implemented.

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