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The Law Codes of Hummurabi 

The Law Codes of Hammurabi is one of the most influential codifications that was utilized in ancient history. These codes highlighted the growing influence of centralized government on the personal lives of the citizens within the Babylonian society. The Law Codes furthermore portrays the Babylonian society as society who is very strict and abide by…



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Law on Business and Customers Protection

Introduction Laws are important to human existence and its prevailing powers in any circumstances is known as the rule of law. Rule of law is therefore a perception that means no one is above the law. It gives the clear position of actions to be taken or understandable rules that everyone has to follow including…




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Issue of False Memories in Legal System

“Memory is born every day, springing from the past, and set against it”, a statement that the Uruguayan novelist Eduardo Galeano once made (Galeano & Belfrage, 1991). Memories are flexible, unsettled and can be revised whenever they are retrieved (Howe & Knott, 2015). Recall of the experiences that are stored in our memory can be…

Criminal Justice,



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Definition of a Group of People in a Faction Argumentative Essay

Madison’s definition of a faction is a group of people who share common faculties who gather together under the influence of a common interest. These factions are inevitable mainly because of our human nature to form them based on individual opinions and as humans, we tend to seek others who share the same opinions as…



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As the King of the Determination of Guilt and Punishment

It is said that the determination of guilt or innocence during ancient civilization was only as effective and horrible as the leader who formed and executed the laws. Several written essays that cover the topic of punishments in order to achieve a controlled society are the King of Justice, where the river god sees justice…




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Estate of Hans Jensen vs. The White Star Line After the Titanic Disaster

On April 14, 1912, 4 days into the Titanic’s voyage, the passenger ship struck an iceberg on the coast of Newfoundland at 11:40 pm and officially sunk at 2:20 am. The sinking of the ship took the life of Carla’s Jensen’s fiance, Hans Peder Jensen, and 1522 others and believe The White Star Line was…




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Juveniles Should Not Be Tried as Adults in The Legal System

Growing up everyone has friends of all social classes and behaviors. Many live wealthy lifestyles, and others not so fortunate. Many children loved going home after school and living the “Leave it to Beaver” home life. Others had a home life that was sad and created angst. They literally had nothing to eat and no…




Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

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Regulate It Before It Kills Annotated Bibliography

These advancements continue to grow exponentially, so does the human dependence on these machines. Artificial Intelligence, during recent times, is one such technology that has been severely impacting the human race. Artificial General Intelligence is the intelligence of a machine that enables it to conduct tasks with the intellectual capacity same as humans such as,…

Annotated Bibliography,



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Critical Race Theory Discussion

A the framework that views how cultures/societies are related to the grouping of power, race, and law. It also shows how the United States has been constructed, and how the whites have privilege while people of color experience discrimination day in and day out. It’s extremely horrible knowing that people of high privilege and authority…

Critical Race Theory,




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Race In The Administration Of Justice In The United States

Movie producer Ava DuVernay investigates the historical backdrop of racial imbalance in the United States, concentrating on the way that the country’s detainment facilities are excessively loaded up with African-Americans. The film starts off by explaining that the U.S. is 5% of the world’s population, yet has 25% of the world prisons populations. The film…

Critical Race Theory,




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Law is human nature, and it is mandatory to create laws in this world for the smooth running of the system. Due to the laws, the world is running at a good pace; otherwise, there could be a complete disaster. The governments and states implement laws, but every person has the laws they have implemented.

We are here to assist if you need to write a law essay. Writing an essay is an art, and it demands a huge knowledge and skills from the writer before writing an essay. This is the point where we will help you write a law of life essay by providing the best example essays on this topic. You are welcome to visit our website and read the law of life essay example to get insights on the topic.

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