Napoleon Bonaparte: A Hero or a Tyrant

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There is many people that had a big impact in world history such as a statesman and a military leader called Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleon had a very big impact in the French revolution as he set new rules, he is known for being the first emperor of France and the world’s greatest military leader. Napoleon had many debates if he is a hero or a tyrant and there is a lot of facts proving both sides.

Even though he was a military genius he also cause a lot of distribution to France as well. One of them being by him reinstating slavery in the French colonies. Though when Bonaparte tried to invade Russian he ended up having most of his soldiers killed as he entered with 450,000 and came back to France with just less than 10,000 making it his worst mistake.

Russian retreat from this was implemented a Scorched-Earth Policy. Not only did he tried to invaded Russian he also attempted to invade Spain to get to Portugal making 100,000 of his troop left to the dust dead. Now there is many more on how Napoleon could be considered as a tyrant.

Napoleon has provided a lot for his country France including institutions and making this economy a more organized country. Napoleon had made a democracy policy which around the world they would call it “his greatest legacy to France”. Napoleon also, created The Bank Of France and this helped their economy, making France have the highest currency of all Europe.

He had won many wars added on to that, as he is known for being the world best Military instructor these battles include Spain, Belgium, Holland, Much of Italy, Germany, Poland Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Napoleon introduced new education reforms in 1802 which had also been created during the French Revolution while bringing order to the nation. Despite his greater goods that Napoleon has done there’s another side people debate on which is if he is a tyrant.

Adding on to how Napoleon Bonaparte could be either considered as a hero or a tyrant as a writer my belief is that he was a hero. Because of this he has infact made history and created thing not for ust himself but for his people. For Example how he created new education laws and how he wanted everyone to be treated equally. He may have had times which made him look like a tyrant but i believe otherwise.


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