Methods and Types of Birth Control

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Birth control is the usage of different apparatus or devices, agents, sexual practices, drugs, or procedures that are performed surgically so as to intercept get pregnant or conception thus enabling people to prefer when they will be having an offspring. There are various reasons as to why women want to plan for their families which range from, allowing them to plan their future lives, given them a chance to care more for their present lives and that of the family members, given themselves financial support, completion of their ongoing education remain or get employment without being distracted by pregnancies. Some women also choose to do family planning because they want to take care of their already existing children and support them adequately. In this excerpt, we are going to expand and explore the various methods of how to prevent pregnancies, their effectiveness rates with human error taken into account too.

Birth control systems is the best thing for the current generation, it would prevent unwanted pregnancies, thus many women can plan better for their lives style and that of the family. There are traditional birth control methods that can be practiced and which dot involve the usage of any medication or any apparatus. One example of a traditional and Biblically correct is abstinence which is not getting involved in a sexual act with the person of the opposite gender. Another way of preventing pregnancy the traditional way is the withdrawal method also called Coitus interruptus. This happens when the man, during the sexual intercourse, pulls out his penis from a woman’s vagina in order not to ejaculate inside the vagina but outside.

There are many devices that are used in the modern world that are used for disrupting the sperm from reaching the ovum. One such device is the condoms which are available for both women and men. The male condom is worn over the penis just before the sex act. Femi Dom is fixed inside the vagina before sex act begins. Another contraceptive that can be used is the sponge contraceptive which is inserted inside the vagina. The sponge has a depression that can hold it inside the cervix. The foam which is a spermicide is also placed inside the vagina by use of the applicator. It destroys the sperms and thus acts to restrict sperms from getting to meet the ovum.
The diaphragm which is a dome-shaped rubber is inserted inside the vagina then pushed over to the cervix is a firm and flexible ring which help to press against walls of the vagina. Another contraceptive is the cervical cap which is rubber in the shape of a thimble is fitted over the cervical walls thus acting as a barrier of sperms penetrating the uterus. Suction is what keeps the cap in place spermicides is filled to the cap before the insertion. The injection contraceptives are also available which last long but can be reversed drug for controlling birth. The injection is done three months after and before the other and it acts by preventing the release of a woman ovum. It is effective at ninety-nine percent it has zero guarantees of protection against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

Emergency or Morning after contraceptives are taken after a sexual encounter and within 72 hours and prevents pregnancies by preventing ovulation, fertilization, and embryo implantation. Also to that, there are permanent methods that apply to people who are certain not to get any more children. For the female, there we have a tubal ligation, tubal implant and vasectomy (sterilizing a man by a minor surgery) is for the male.

Some hormonal birth control methods don’t favor all women but affect others. It would cause the blood to clot for those ladies who smoke and physical and emotional symptoms. Sexually transmitted diseases are not controlled by the hormonal contraceptives but by the condoms. It is there of paramount importance to engage the doctor entirely when choosing the best contraceptive. The doctors will help you compare and contrast the advantages and risks of each method.

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