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Belief means “trust”

Believing in education, hard work and honesty. Belief means “trust”. Every person has its own belief in different types of things, and I believe in hard work, education and honesty. These qualities are my life’s foundations. According to me if we will believe in these then no one can stop us to get success and…


Belief Systems

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Belief in God in Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Chapters twenty-one and twenty-two are short, yet they explain many themes that are discussed throughout the story. In the novel Life of Pi, the authour, Yann Martel shows how essential chapters, twenty-one and twenty-two are some themes in the novel. Belief in God, science and religion, and storytelling are explored throughout the book but first…

Belief Systems,

Life of Pi,


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Confucianism and Ching Ming Festival

Ching Ming can be directly translated to clean and bright, and the main focus of this holiday is to pay respects to their ancestors who have passed away. The Ching Ming festival or better known as Tomb Sweeping Day “reflects the reverence for those who have passed through weeding and sweeping the grave sites, presenting…

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