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How Manifest Destiny Was Born

Once the United States gained its independence from the British, many immigrants started heading to the states that were free. Since there was so many immigrant moving to the U.S., they needed to expand to make more room in each state. That is how Manifest Destiny was born. Manifest Destiny allowed the United States to…

Manifest Destiny

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How “American Progress” Painting Reflect How It is That the American Past Was Imagined at a Later Time

“American Progress”, a painting by John Gast, is an allegory for manifest destiny (John Gast). The painting is about the confrontation of the Natives Americans and the westward-expanding Americans in the nineteenth century. This expansion is mostly known as “Manifest Destiny”, a term created by journalist John L. O’Sullivan in 1845. In his article about…

American History,

Manifest Destiny

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Westward Expansion / Manifest Destiny – Political Cartoon Research

American Progress, chromolithograph print, c. 1873 American Progress, chromolithograph print, c. 1873, after an 1872 painting of the same title by John Gast. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (digital id: ppmsca 09855) Manifest Destiny is simple defined as the United States’ need for territorial expansion to the westward Pacific. The picture that is being analyzed represents Columbia and movement…

Manifest Destiny,

Westward Expansion

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Latin American Relations

Back in 1823, President James Monroe had informed the world that America became now the reputable protector and defender of the Western hemisphere, and European colonies were not welcome. but in reality, the U.S. became too concerned with its own growth across the North American continent, after which with the Civil war, to simply enforce…

American History,

Manifest Destiny

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Catlin and Bodmer’s Native Americans

‘Of the thousands and millions, therefore, of these poor fellows who are dead, and whom we have thrown into their graves, there is nothing that I could now say that would do them any good while there is a debt we are owing to those of them who are yet living, which I think justly…

American History,

Manifest Destiny

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An Analysis on Native Americans

Abstract As is expected with anything that comes to an end, especially that of great importance such as a way of life, the end of tribal life for native Indians, the true Americans is nothing short of painful. If anything is certain in American history is that, the relationship between American Indians and white settlers…

American History,

Manifest Destiny

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“Army of Manifest Destiny: the American Soldier in the Mexican War 1846-1848” Critical Analysis

American history textbooks usually mostly talk about the events that led up to a war, and what happened during and after a war. Take for example the Mexican-American war. Books and websites written about this war only state the basics of what happened; Texas gained its independence from Mexico in 1845, there was a dispute…

Manifest Destiny

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How Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Affect American Workplaces Today

In my paper I will be discussing how American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny affect American workplaces today. I will also be going over how American Imperialism has changed the demographics in the workforce. I will also be giving an example of how at least one group has been impacted by United States immigration and expansion….

Manifest Destiny

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On We Sweep With Threshing Oar

The question of who gets to be an American and who has the right to be one has been long debated throughout history. It is a complex topic that continues to be thoroughly examined and scrutinized especially in today’s day and age. It is an issue that has taken immigration disputes by storm, devouring the…

American History,

Manifest Destiny

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Reginald Horsman’s Race and Manifest Destiny: The Origins of American

Racial Anglo-Saxonism traces the half of the nineteenth century focused around Anglo-Saxonism. He analyzes the evidence and reasons of racial prejudices throughout America. Horsman argues that Anglo-Saxonism had been focused on political institutions through the Revolutionary War, which is a product of the English Reformation. Encouraged by Enlightenment ideas about finding universal patterns of humanity,…

Manifest Destiny

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