The Compromise of 1850 and the Civil War

Updated May 19, 2021

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The Compromise of 1850 and the Civil War essay

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During the mid-1800s Slavery was a huge money-making scheme that allowed one to own a human being as property. Because they were seen as property or a tool, they weren’t allowed the same rights as many citizens living in the US at the time. In fact, they were forced to do labor with physical violence working for little to no money, while making the owner tons of money.

It’s entirely wrong morally right? Well many others agreed with that statement, but many-many others did not. This created tension between the north and the south (most of the north had seen slavery as wrong) and eventually created a stand against slavery in the US.

Mainly Northern states began banning the act of slavery altogether, but the southerners refused to let the free labor go morally right or not. During these debates president Lincoln was spawned into office and was one of the leading forces in the stand against slavery, but this would not be until after making the Compromise of 1850, in which set a state line that said any state above (north) would be a free state and any state below (south) would be a slave state. This compromise only lasted until the North wanted to end Slavery in the US entirely.

A war between the two sides was inevitable and luckily the North had the resources to win it. The south tried to fight with raw military power. They were comprised of military generals and tacticians that used the battlefield like a chess board. This allowed the south to put up a fight that ended in millions of American deaths. The North, on the other hand, were businessmen and workers.

They had access to weapons, ammunition, troops (freed slaves willing to fight for freedom), and most importantly the railways. The railroad was the deciding factor in the war as it allowed the North to supply units with the items they needed to achieve victory.

Even though freedom had been won many people, unfortunately, died as a result of weak communication and hasty action. Something had to have been done, but it didn’t have to be war. This war began because of the initial tension sparked by the Compromise of 1850 and people on both sides beating around the bush of the issue. President Lincoln’s election undoubtedly played a role as well as he was soon assassinated after the war.

He was a symbol of freedom for the people that was stripped away by hatred. Though Lincoln did not start this war the people did. Instead of coming to conclusions we compromised; we knew it was wrong, yet did little to nothing about it. And that’s why war erupted because we couldn’t quit bumping heads with one another over an issue that had an obvious answer.

War is the last thing that a dispute should come to. Violence only leads to more people being hurt in the end than what it began with. People just need to accept other people, but somehow that is a struggle in of itself. Hopefully, that will soon change with the future generations but only time will tell.

The Compromise of 1850 and the Civil War essay

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