Dangers and Addiction of Cell Phones

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“Technology can be our best friend, and technology can also be the biggest party pooper of our lives. It interrupts our own story, interrupts our ability to have a thought or a daydream, to imagine something wonderful, because we are too busy bridging the walk from the cafeteria back to the office on the cellphones” (Holmes, 2016). The cell phone is great invention; but, as it’s said, great things come with pros and cons. In the same way, cell phones also have some positive and negative aspects. The overuse of cell phones can result in less human interactions in everyday life, addiction, and other health hazards.

First negative aspect of using cell phone is, it make people less socialize, in the sense it put hurdle for everyone for face to face communication during social meetings. According to study by (Jill, 2015) eighty- nine percent of americans say that during their last social interaction, they took out a cell phone, and 82 percent said that it deteriorated the conversation they were in. Because of people keep using cellphone during meetings they cannot interact with other in a way they suppose to.

According to Przybylski (2012) when people have conversation with others while using cell phone, its difficult to communicate. Cell phone have ability to distract individuals from achieving a close personal connection. Even if phone is not being used, cell phones can hurt people’s attempts at interpersonal connection just by being in the room. Cell phone prove important part in human interaction and communication.

Secondly, Overuse of cell phone could result in extreme addiction. Observation published in seattle times, people walking down the street with eyes on their phones, bumping into others, tripping over or crashing into obstacles. This could be seen everywhere, people get too much into cell phones while they are outside. They keep using their phones while walking and other activities, which leads them to accidents and get physical harm to themselves.

Study done by (Hunley, 2017) addiction to cell phone leads to anxiety and depression. People get psychological disorder because of overuse of cell phone. They keep on checking their cell all the time. Even if they don’t receive calls or emails, they are so much addicted to it, so that addiction make them to do so. “ Cell phones and all other cool and slick gadgets can cause massive losses in our creative output and overall productivity (Robin, 2018) People keep using their valuable time using cell phone. They can use that time for something productive instead. Using cell phone and not being careful leads to addiction to it.

Third most important aspect of using cell phone can cause problems to health, cell phones signals have radiation which leads to cancer. According to study by Wenner (2008) cell phones use non-ionizing radiation, which differs from ionizing of x-rays and radioactive material in that it does not have enough energy to knock around or ionizing electrons or particles in atoms.

Cell phone radiation falls into the same band of non ionizing radio frequency as microwave used to heat or cook food. But Jorn Olsen, chair of epidemiology at the university of California, Los Angeles, School of Public Health says that unlike microwaves, cell phones do not release enough radiation or energy to damage DNA or energetic material, which can lead to cancer. People always have cell phones with them and they are keep on talking over the phone, which is not good for their health according to studies. Listening loud music on cell phone is also second hazard to health. “It depends on what you call major hearing loss, but there are a couple of cases where using headphones contribute to a person’s hearing loss that was enough that they needed to use hearing aids,” (Martinez, 2013).

Listening to loud music can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss which is scientifically proven. Too much texting and typing could damage thumb, specially with traditional keypad phones. “In today’s age, people pretty much are attached to their smartphones and feel completely naked without them. The thumb, especially, is most commonly affected” (Pawlowski, 2015). When person use their cell phone, he mostly use thumb to operate it. Too much typing and playing games on cell phone leads to thumb pain. Cell phone could make really big impact on health of individuals.

It’s said that each technology have two sides positive and negative, even cell phones have positive sides. If its use in positive way, it is most transformative technology which exist at this moment. According to (Cyndy 2018) it is remarkable technology and incredibly powerful to reach out to poor areas. It could prove very important role in development of countries. It prove big role in development of african countries, according to studies.

Cell phones have many useful aspects but, it also does have more negative effects. such as people overuse cell phone which leads them to less communication, extreme addiction to use it, and many health issues like its radiation leads to cancer. But cell phones does have significant influence on most of individuals life that is for sure.

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Is cell phone addiction a problem?
Yes, cell phone addiction is a problem as it can lead to negative effects on mental health, relationships, and productivity. It is important to set boundaries and limit phone usage to maintain a healthy balance.
What happens if someone is addicted to mobile phone?
If someone is addicted to mobile phone, they may be unable to function without it and may suffer withdrawal symptoms if they try to go without it.
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