Critical Movie Review: Hidden Figures

Updated January 18, 2021

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Critical Movie Review: Hidden Figures essay

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Hidden Figures is an American biographical drama film directed by Theodore Melfi and written by Melfi and Allison Schroeder. It is all about the story of three African-American women who works at National Aeronautics and Space Administration or simply NASA. The three main characters named Taraji P. Henson as Katherine Johnson, a mathematician who calculated flight trajectories for Project Mercury and other missions, Octavia Spencer as Dorothy Vaughan a NASA supervisor who is expert at computers, and Janelle Monae as Mary Jackson as a NASA engineer.

The movie Hidden Figures is one of the best movies I watched. I am a person who is not really unto watching movies, but after I watched the said movie, I want it to watch again and again because of its great story, a true story. The title “Hidden Figures” really did fit to the movie, because of the three African-American women that serves as the hidden figures of the NASA and the brains behind one of the greatest histories of the United states. It is worth screening because by simply watching it, you can get many lessons in life. For example, since the year in the movie is 1961, your race is very important, because people are being separated between white and colored (black). Katherine fought for her right. Your color doesn’t matter, you are still a person, and you are created in God’s image and likeness. Never stop doing good to you and to other people, challenge is just a challenge, you can overcome it.

Plot Synopsis

The story Hidden Figure is about a race to put a man in space between United States and Russia. Russia did win the race against the United States but United States did not stop to put a man also in space. NASA found a group of African-America female mathematicians that serves to be the brains behind one of the greatest achievements in the history of the United States. At first, their work at NASA is just a simple employee, but when the management saw their potential in a specific job, they are assigned in a different task. These three African-American girls are known as “human computers” because of their skills in solving equations or problems easily. John Glenn, the astronaut that will be launched into the orbit of the earth, called Katherine in order to calculate if the location of the drop point of the space capsule is right or wrong. Without her permission, John Glenn will not be launched into the space. With the help of Mary Jackson and Dorothy Vaughan, her two African-American friends, they manage to calculate the safe drop point of the capsule. The 3 African-American women disregards the race between white and colored, and made it as an inspiration to grow.


The themes of Hidden Figures include racism, sexism, and the drive to achieve something or your goals in life. Racism is a major theme in the movie, it points out that your race is very important in finding a job specially in jobs in the scientific community. Sexism, it was unlikely in the beginning that they would even get their jobs because of their gender and skin color. Women just weren’t very likely to get jobs in science or math. Lastly, personal achievement, because even though they are being discriminated by the people around them and even the law, they manage to conquer the challenges they are facing and become successful in what they want to do. The movie teaches us about Science and Technology by showing us how important is a single number or simple calculation in sending a rocket to space. If the calculations are wrong, John Glenn would probably die.

Visual Elements

The film’s visual appearance for me is great. They manage to keep the real or original footage of the historic event, it made it more real as if you are there really watching the said event. The costumes are also great, even though the film was made in the year 2016, they manage to brought back the 60’s era on how they dress. Angles and shots are also great, really good for screening and its quality is great, very detailed.


The movie Hidden Figures is a big thumbs up for me. I will rate it as 10/10 because I really did enjoy the movie and I would recommend this to other people who really wants in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Engineering. Watching this movie is having a feeling that you are also in the scene and interacting with them. The movie greatly presents how great those three women at their jobs. To the team that is behind this wonderful work, I respect all of you in coming up to such an idea to make a movie behind the United States’ greatest achievement. To the real-life heroes, Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary, I salute you for making one of the greatest histories in the world with the help of Mathematics, Science and the Technology. “Color is just a color; it does not affect how good or bad are you in this world.”


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Critical Movie Review: Hidden Figures essay

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