Comparison of “The Fault in Our Stars” and “Me Before You” Analytical Essay

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Both themes of two works from Jojo Moyes and John Green are obviously a romance type of stories. The obvious thing is that both stories have sad endings. The difference is that the characters from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, which are Hazel and Augustus, they both have diseases which are cancer, and the story is about teenage characters coming to terms with their mortality in the face of terminal illness.

Compare to Me Before You by Jojo Meyes, there’s only one character that has a disease which is paralyzed, and the story is about middle-aged adult characters since both are already doing their occupations. But based on what I read, Moyes’ character, Will Traynor, character is more aloof and not an extrovert person compared to Green’s character, Augustus, who’s very charming, sociable, friendly type of person. The book showed that Will is a very aloof towards Lou on their first meeting, compared to Augustus who actually approached Hazel in the first place and wanted to get to know her better everyday.

But, both female characters of two books remained warm, kind, and both open-minded. The theme of Me Before You is obviously romance, but the romance is more to sweet and very warm romance. It is that type of couple which everyone loves to see, we could see that their chemistry is strong from the story. Both themes are unfortunately lost loves.

Both female protagonists lost their loves in the end of the story and both were caused by disease, it is a tragic story of love with sad endings. Both books have same theme which is romance and the story of the way both characters meet is also quite similar, two strangers who met in different time. Lou met Will when they were both strangers and it is when Lou was asked to meet Will in his house to see his condition and to introduce herself to him, meanwhile Hazel also met Augustus when they were both in a support group of cancer disease.

Ending is also one of the most important thing in any type of literature and most of them are happy endings. So, since there are so many romance endings that contain happy endings, I believe the reason why the writers made both themes are because it will be more interesting if the endings are different from other basic stories such as, for example, Cinderella, who had a happy ending which is marrying her own prince. But, the Fault in Our Stars and Me Before You are different from other stories and I believe the writers want something different and unique that will make people interested in the book and curious about why the ending can be very sorrowful.

This is also the big reason why the themes of two books are romance. It is because I really believe the writers are a big fan of romance stories since Jojo Moyes, the author of ‘Me Before You’ also published some popular romance books such as ‘The One Plus One’, ‘The Girl Left Behind’, and also the sequel of the book that I analyzed, ‘After You’. So, I presume she really loves to make love stories. John Green also published some popular romance books such as ‘Paper Towns’, ‘Looking for Alaska’, and ‘Will Grayson, Will Grayson’.

Purpose of Two Works

Each books in every literature must have their own purpose from their own authors. And for my first work from Jojo Moyes, I believe she did all of her works with her own purposes. The book that she made, Me Before You, is popular because of the ending and the chemistry of both characters on the book. The second work from John Green, I presumed that he also did all of his works with his own purposes especially why most of his works had a sorrowful ending. Firstly, I’m going to analyze both main characters from my two works. I assumed that the purpose of the characters of my first work, Me Before You, from Jojo Moyes, which are presented by two main characters, Will Traynor and Lou Clark, I presumed that the author decided to make them in different ways.

Different ways which means that Moyes’ made the first main character personality is different with the second main character. We can see that from Will’s personality first, which is aloof from the outside but actually he is warm in the inside, I believe he remained aloof because he’s quite awkward to new people, but when he gets to know them better, I really believe that he will be less aloof. In the book, when he first met Lou, he was really aloof and didn’t respond well to Lou.

But when he got to know her after quite long time, he responded her with his inner warm personality. Really opposite from the second main character, Lou is a very outgoing person and a really warm person, she responds her patient with kind respond. I assumed that she’s a really open person and an optimistic person. The Fault in Our Stars characters are mainly popular especially when the movie was released in 2014. So I assumed the purpose of the characters of my second work, The Fault in Our Stars, from John Green, which are presented by two main characters, Augustus and Hazel.

Since their first meeting, they’re already comfortable to each other and talk to each other as if they’re friends already. This is also one of the purpose of the story, I believe the author of the story made this couple with different personalities because I believe couple with different personalities will actually fulfill each other. Although they’re opposites, many people presumed that they will argue a lot and break up sooner or later, but, I see most of couple with different personalities are actually long-lasting. One of the reason that they’re mostly long lasting is that because they will find it interesting in each other’s differences and mostly the connection between them are stronger.

Another purpose from the author would be to taught readers to believe that love still does exist even if the person that they loved died. The evidence is that both books lover characters died but the main character still remained calm and put the sweet memorable moments of both of them in their memories. And, of course, the authors made these books because they wanted to share their thoughts on love and I believe they are sure that their stories are going pull some readers, that is why they released their stories into books that the readers will buy. Now, for the main purpose about why both authors made the main characters died and both gave letters of saying goodbye before they died.

Readers have been curious about the sad ending and some of the readers are furious about it. I believe, the purpose of the tragic ending is because so the readers will not be tedious about the usual happy ending and probably found it interesting about the unusual ending. And perhaps, both authors want to surprise the readers about the unexpected chapters that the readers will not expect to be happened since there are many romance stories that rarely have happy endings.

The Readers Point of View

Both literary works are actually good with interesting characters and downright emotional plots. I do like them both and I always thought that both endings of the books seem familiar and similar. From my own perspective, I like Me Before You more than the Fault in Our Stars because in Me Before You, since the male character, Will, already have an obvious disease, we all know that the ending will not be as perfect as we all have been expected but the best thing about this book is about surprising the readers since usually most readers love unexpected endings so it will be more interesting.

One of the reason that I don’t like the Fault in Our Stars is because I don’t like how the author made male character, Augustus, hide his heavy disease all the way on his journey with Hazel. We all know that Augustus hide his disease because he wanted Hazel not to feel worry about his disease along the journey, but this actually made the story became worse because every reader will felt poor to Hazel and questioned the reason from Augustus about the hidden disease. I assumed that numerous reader comments about both literary works that both works are too ordinary.

Because readers of both literary works comments that the ending of both stories are disappointed and ordinary, it is ordinary because many readers already expect the ending because of the diseases of both main male characters of the story. I also believe that many readers read these book or buy these books because both books are already popular from all around the world since both books are one of the New York Times best selling novels of all time. So I assumed that people also curious about the endings since many people spoil the story that we would never guess the ending.

Books are mostly best sellers because most people are sometimes heard from other people opinions about the book and if many people are interested on the book, most curious readers will buy the book and read them. Readers point of view are actually different. Some readers like sad ending and some readers like happy ending, same as some readers like unexpected plots and some readers like expected plots.


While investigating the research question: What are the thematic differences of ‘Me Before You’ compared to ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ on death and purpose of the love on the characters?, it has become obvious that both authors of the story want the readers to understand the purpose of both literary works. And we can see clearly from my essay that the deaths of the characters have their own purposes.

After I did my essay, I realized that each books have their own purposes, even on their purpose of death or their purpose of love. We can see that Me Before You purpose of death is to complete Lou’s life, after Will’s death, Lou started a new life with a new amount of money from Will before his death so she can go back to school and follow her own dreams and also she’s becoming as a better person thus she begins a new chapter of life. The Fault in Our Stars purpose of death is also there to Hazel so she is able to learn some things about herself, her role in the world, and her take on mortality.

To conclude, I believe the author made the deaths of the characters are because they wanted to remind us that we should love the person that are still beside us on our lives. While they are still alive, we should try to appreciate and respect them before we regret it.


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