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The Depiction of Slavery in the Book Beloved by Toni Morrison

In Beloved by Toni Morrison, the past, specifically slavery, is depicted as a destructive force that people are forced to deal with in order to move on. This is illustrated by the interactions that the characters have with Beloved who is seen as both the physical representation of the past and Sethe’s dead baby. Beloved…



Toni Morrison

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The Free-Spirited Sixo in Beloved, a Novel by Toni Morrison

In Beloved by Toni Morrison, Sixo was never truly enslaved, he disconnected his body from his soul by not turning into an animal, refusing to accept mental dominance and rejecting the constraints of slavery. He demonstrated consistent humanity throughout his captivity in Sweet Home despite the Schoolteacher’s twisted methodology and cruel punishments. When Sethe arrived at Sweet Home…




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The Internal Grief of Characters in Beloved, a Novel by Toni Morrison

The novel talks about unloving children because a slave only needs to watch out for themselves, this passage focuses on the struggles in family life that slaves witness. They do not become attached to their children because they know that they will not be able to stay with them. This passage is an example of…



Toni Morrison

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The Feelings of Hopelessness and Worthlessness in the Characterization of Paul D in Beloved by Toni Morrison

In Toni Morrison’s Beloved, Paul D, a black slave, encounters a chicken, Mister, running around the yard while Paul is tied up to a bit and has his hands tied behind his back. Paul D feels inferior to a mere chicken due to its freedom and state of free being. As Mister walks by Paul…



Toni Morrison

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Beloved by Toni Morrison: A Story Not to Pass On

The words are ironic: “this is not a story to pass on,” a Pulitzer Prize novel literally asking to not be spread around (Morrison 290). The author repeats this phrase three times in the novel’s final chapter, drawing attention to their significance. Throughout the novel, graphic images of figurative and literal slavery mar the minds of…



Toni Morrison

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The Theme of Motherhood and the Environment in Toni Morrisons Novel Beloved

In Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved, the conditions of the environment that Sethe grew up in while a slave strongly affected her personality and the way she viewed the world. For the first eighteen or so years of her life, Sethe lived as a slave in the South. She was born into slavery, her mother, assumably…


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The Holding of Secrets in the Books Naomi by Junichiro Tanizaki and Beloved by Toni Morrison

When we find out something new about somebody else, whether it is an action, belief or behavior, it has the potential to influence our perception of that person. As the knowledge of these actions, beliefs or behaviors may cause someone’s perception of another to change, one may keep secrets. The act of holding a secret is…



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The Four Main Perspectives of Narration in Beloved a Novel by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison writes in four main perspectives in her novel, Beloved. By including these different perspectives, Toni Morrison gives the reader a clearer understanding of the characters in the story and their actions. The third person omniscient point of view of the narrator, Sethe’s stream of consciousness, Denver’s stream of consciousness, and Beloved’s stream of consciousness…



Toni Morrison

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Denver’s Quest for Connection to the Past in the Novel, Beloved by Toni Morrison

Tony Morrison’s “Beloved” deals with the hardships of slavery in post-Civil War America-but does this through the interactions of its characters and Beloved, a baby ghost come back to haunt the community and who, by representing the past, affects everyone’s lives. One of the characters that Beloved affects is Denver, her sister. In “Beloved” Denver’s progression…



Toni Morrison

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An Analysis of Rebirth in Beloved by Toni Morrison

In today’s society, violence abounds wherever one turns, assaulted with shocking headlines slashed across newspapers and television screens. As the media glorifies violence as a whole, one grows numb to such reprehensible actions as rape, murder, or assault. Unlike these senseless crimes, however, scenes of violence in literary works do not exist merely for the…



Toni Morrison

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Toni Morrison


American Literature

originally published

September 1987


Beloved is a 1987 novel by the American writer Toni Morrison. Set after the American Civil War, it tells the story of a family of formerly enslaved people whose Cincinnati home is haunted by a malevolent spirit.


Novel by Toni Morrison

Pages: 324

Beloved concludes with a group of women from the local community converging on 124 to ward off the ghost that has been haunting it. After Beloved disappears, Paul D returns to the house intending to make amends. He finds Sethe lying in the bed where Baby Suggs died, distraught by Beloved’s sudden disappearance.

Sethe. Sethe, the protagonist of Beloved, is a proud and independent woman who is extremely devoted to her children. Though she barely knew her own mother, Sethe’s motherly instincts are her most striking characteristic.

The anonymous narrator of Beloved is omniscient. This means that the narrator has access to the interior thoughts and experiences of many characters, and reports those thoughts and experiences in the third person and without direct judgment.

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