The Color Purple

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Celie in “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker

In Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple” Celie starts off as a young fourteen year old girl who has gone through and continues to go through abuse and rapes. During this time the lifestyles were very different in comparison to today’s society. Women were mentally and physically abused by men as they held the ‘power’ in…



The Color Purple

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The Color Purple by Alice Walker

All through the story, many females were abused by men. The mistreatment of females is undeniable in The Color Purple. It is especially uncovered in relationship among Celie and her father. At an extremely youthful age Celie was exposed to abuse. Celie was assaulted more than once and pregnant twice by her stepfather and was…


The Color Purple

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Power of Strong Female Relationships in The Color Purple

Each female helps Celie in her own way and does their best to show her that they love and support her even when she thinks nobody does. That understanding allows Celie to speak up in anger against Mr. ___ and no longer be submissive and weak. With the help of Shug and Nettie, Celie uncovers…


The Color Purple

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Woman Equality in The Color Purple and Trifles

Women of all classes and races across the world have been known to struggle with issues of equality. From as early as the Elizabethan times to the present, women still struggle to find some sense of equity. This element is no different when it comes to American context. Being a superpower and considered to have…


The Color Purple,


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