College Education Is Important to Me

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My education is important to me because I’m living in a competitive world. As a high school student, I have to be prepared for the outside world with the knowledge that I need. Obtaining a college degree will help me achieve all of my hopes and dreams. Even though I haven’t left for college, I’ve already set my mind on a career that I´m ready to work in.

I have an educational timeline. First elementary, then Jr High, next high school, later college, after that graduate school. I hope there will always be something to learn, so I can keep educating myself. The economy today is becoming harder to work in, and for me to get through everything I have to continue with my education. Now you need a Bachelor’s degree for most jobs, and for me to get the job that I want I can’t stop moving forward.

Having any degree will open up many doors of opportunity and I would get to explore so much more. I want to be able to find a good-paying job to provide for myself and help my family. And If I continue my education I’ll be able to work toward that goal. As I mentioned earlier, employers require people to fulfill certain educational requirements before they will even think of hiring you. When you hold a college diploma your horizon broadens.

There are many people out there wondering why college education is important. Well, I think to be successful and get places you need an education. It is the means of developing oneself intellectually and socially when you obtain a college degree. When all is said and done, education is not only about learning a profession; it is about being able to think deeply, share ideas, express yourself.

College is very important to me. A college education will give me the training and knowledge I need to go out in the real world and land in the perfect career. A college education will benefit me throughout my life personally, socially and intellectually. I am looking forward to beginning my college journey and following my dreams. My college education will be the foundation of my life. With my college education, I will be prepared to face the world and step into my community armed with knowledge and skills that will enable me to be a useful and productive member of society.

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