Broiler Chicken Can Cause Cancer

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According to a recent study by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), broiler chickens which are solely raised for selling their meat within just a few days through artificial means, can contain a chemical named Arsenic, a carcinogen linked with many types of cancer.
Arsenic is a heavy metal which can cause lung cancer even if you inhale it at your workplace or anywhere else. Now we can determine how much toxic it is. It can be inorganically produced by industrial waste or it can be naturally found in the outermost layer of the Earth named Crust as well as in water and air. Long-Term Exposure of this carcinogenic element can increase the risk of various cancers including skin cancer, lung cancer, bladder and kidneys cancer. So, it is extremely dangerous and in fact, four times more toxic than mercury.
It is no surprise that we live in an age where the organic or traditional ways of farming are almost vanished. Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) like broiler chickens is the new trend. Everyone nowadays likes to eat chicken at any time of the day; almost every recipe revolves around chicken meat. No matter one can afford it or not, it is a primary source of food. Usually it is cheaper than country (desi) chicken. Well on one hand this innovation is beneficial in producing chicken meat for rapidly increasing population but on the other hand it also comes with a no of harmful effects on human health.
Ever thought of why we call them chickens instead of hens or cocks? Because these are just chicks which “appear” to be all grown up. You will be amazed to know that they grow up in just 40 days, whereas, a real chick requires six months to grow up and one year in becoming a complete hen. How these chicks grow so fast? 40 days is such a short amount of time. What is being given to them in their feed? Is it even safe for us to eat? These questions require our attention before consuming chicken meat on a daily basis.
Feed which is being given to chicks include steroids, hormones and different chemicals including Roxarsone, a drug containing Arsenic, for improved texture or a better color. Even if it is present in a small amount, Arsenic from this drug keeps piling up in the liver of the chickens and eventually spreads out in its entire body while the blood circulation process. This then ends up in our body while consuming this poisonous chicken meat. Their feed also contains blood from different animals as well as their wastage and meat of dead animals also.
Ever wondered why chickens cannot fly or even run like a hen? Because their body is merely fat which contains more cholesterol because of steroids and they obviously aren’t healthy enough to fly or run like a normal hen. Try catching a real chick of 40 days and you’ll not be able to catch it easily. In fact, some chickens aren’t even able to stand on their own feet due to their excess weight. So how their meat can be any beneficial for your health? Apart from that, chickens are full of bacteria; over 97% of chicken contains bacteria, which can make you really sick.


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Can you get cancer from chickens?
No, there is no evidence to suggest that consuming chicken or eggs can cause cancer. However, it is important to ensure that chicken is cooked properly to avoid the risk of foodborne illnesses.
Does chicken give you breast cancer?
No, chicken does not give you breast cancer.
Is chicken OK for cancer patients?
Yes, chicken is OK for cancer patients. Cancer patients can eat chicken as part of a healthy diet.
What are the side effects of broiler chicken?
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