Become a Compounding Pharmacist is My Goal

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I have always grown up being so intrigued with regards to anything in the medical field. Seeing doctors interact with the nurses and pharmacist whom customize medications for my loved ones seeking care. The drug interactions have always sparked my interest, how something so small as a pill, having the ability of changing functionality of an entire being. Growing up and seeing my nana taking her medications, I was always so interested in the why behind every pill she swallowed.

My curiosity sparked and followed me into college, where I studied Physiology, so I can learn a deeper understanding of how the body works and further in my studies, learn how the drugs interact with the body. I believe that attending Pharmacy School will allow me in fulfilling my dream of one day becoming a Pharmacist, to be able to develop new medications for patients that can effectively treat different medial conditions.

I have always sought to dig deeper into the field of pharmacology. In my Junior year of college, I volunteered at Reed’s Compounding Pharmacy where they specialize in compounding dosages for people and pets alike, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary Compounding and providing Consultations to customize unique solutions suitable for their patients. From that experience I learned the differences in commercial and compounding Pharmacies and was able to see first-hand the process of compounding a medication.

After a few months of volunteering, the co-owner then introduced me to obtaining my Pharmacy Technician Trainee License and coming in to learn how the technicians work. There was when I learned and got a glimpse of the various stages of a drug’s development. I was then offered a job as a Pharmacy Technician where I gained familiarity with drug names, usages and requirements. Whenever I was unfamiliar with a specific drug, I always made a point to asking the Pharmacist on staff to clarify and inform me the mechanism for how it works. I hope that pharmacy school will provide me many more opportunities for learning more drug synthesis’ and interactions in order to obtain a successful delivery.

Knowing how competitive Pharmacy School is, I am more than prepared to put forth the work and effort that is going to be required to succeed. My future goal is to become a compounding pharmacist, where I will be able to interact closely with patients and doctors, to provide better solutions to their issues they may be having. I look forward to building long-term relationships with my patients and familiarizing myself with their medical needs to further assist me with potential drug interactions. A Pharmacy degree will help give me the knowledge and skills I will need to accomplish my goal of becoming an excellent medical professional by providing lifesaving and comforting medications.

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Can a compounding pharmacy make anything?
Yes, a compounding pharmacy can make any medication that is prescribed by a physician.
How profitable is a compounding pharmacy?
The profitability of a compounding pharmacy depends on many factors, including the mix of products offered, the prices charged, the overhead costs, and the number of prescriptions filled.
What are your goals as a pharmacist?
My goals as a pharmacist are to help patients receive the medication they need and to ensure that they understand how to take it correctly.
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