Ancient Greece Art

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Ancient Greece was a remarkable place of cultivation. They are known of their fascinating history, art, and architecture that represents their culture. Most of the Greeks arts were created to honor their gods. It played a big role in the history, it was very influential for the other people, societies and next generations. Greek artworks such paintings and sculptures are strongly meaningful. Their sculptures are incredibly concerned with their poise and proportion. Ancient Greece art is divided into four periods; the geometric period, the archaic period, the classical period and the Hellenistic period. This essay will compare between two ancient sculptures that represent woman statue; Peplos Kore and Phrasikleia Kore.

In ancient Greece, Athenians had social system that It is divided into four main different social classes, the upper level; were wealthy and powerful. They had the right to hold political and military issues. The middle level as known as metric; were simply free foreigners that they are less rich than the upper level and had no right to hold any political, as their were required and asked to pay for the taxes for military. The third level was made up of people who are not slaves anymore and have some basics rights.

The lower class was the slaves that came from unfortunate circumstances such as, war and prison. They had no rights, even to live their normal life, as they were exsited to obey the other upper level people. Most women in archaic age grew up in Gynaikon, under the care of their mother. Greek Woman had limited roles and had few right comparing to Greek men in their society. In their world of work, they were expected to take care of their children, manage their slaves and household affair. They were common in baking bread and working with wool for the whole household

Peplos Kore was found during excavation in 1886. It is a widely known girl statue, which was made in greece around 530 BC (Pierre Destrée, Penelope Murray) that was dedicated to the goddess Athena. The sculpture’s name refers to the clothes she is wearing; a long body, woolen garment that is known is peplos .Peplos Kore sculpture is 46 inches long, made with Parian marble and it thought was painted with various, beautiful colors but only the red color is survived.

As it shown in the figure, The breasts are nose damaged, this is due to the long years that it have been buried. Peplos Kore has long braided hair that it is beside her shoulders. Her left hand is missing due to the separated part that was lost (Kleiner,2019). Her other hand is straight down, in fist position. Her body and face is divided symmetrically, i Her head is slightly tilted, to the left and she has a pleasant smile as known as the “archaic smile” on her face that it reflects positive, happy emotions.

Phrasikleia Kore is a female statue that was found buried underground in 1972 in modern Merenta in Attica.Fortunately, without any damages. It is normally created and used in funerals. Phrasikleia Kore is 70 inches long and was made in 500-540 BC. The way the statue stand is interacting with the viewer. Her face expressions shows interest; she has a “archaic smile” that reflects positive emotions.

The statue’s hair is braided along her back as she is wearing a crown that has lotus flowers. Her hand is raised forward holding a small lotus flower, whereas her other hand is holding her clothes that is covering her all her body but her shoulders and arms. The lotus hand and crown is a symbol used by Greeks that is related to Egyptians funerary and specifically, the lotus that phrasikleia Kore is holding, represent that she is unmarried and a virgin as a woman.

Phrasikleia and Peplos kore are very important, valuable sculptures that were made in the archaic period. They represent ideal femininity. They are both made with marble and it shows female woman statue. They are both dedicated to the Athena goddess. Athena is the goddess of Athens. She is the goddess of war, the female counterpart of Ares and the favorite daughter. Athena goddess is a very important to Greeks. She had given them the justice, law, courage, inspiration, power, protection and skills thus shows how Phrasikleia and Peplos kore female statue are related and dedicated to the goddess.


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