Analysis of Film The Pursuit of Happiness

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A Job as a stock broker stipulates that the person in the film lives in the new generation. Secondly, the use of modern health equipment’s, a bone density scanner machine also points out to the story taking place in a modern life.

The Plot

This is a film about Chris Garner`s almost 1-year fight with homelessness, fatherhood, divorce and the desire to achieve to fend for his Son named Christopher. It is a story highlighting a man`s ambition to achieve his goals and find a way to care for his son. It starts with a project which financially tears apart his family, his wife moving out leaving him with their son Christopher. More problem ranging from his eviction from his house, closure of his bank accounts and credit cards. This forces him to live on the street but his meeting with the manager of Dean Witter named Jay, leads him on the path to success

This film reflects and creates known ideas about the social conditions of the USA. Like Mr. Gardner, Poverty, income inequality and unemployment is one of the issues affecting the majority of the American population today. The homeless population is high due to several reasons, high growth of equality, continuity in housing foreclosures and reduced to no unemployment compensation. the growth of poverty and hunger is blamed on education and welfare programs. The serious need in social help is on the rise due to income assistance programs that have been slashed.

Most mothers are in the workforce but still have limited access to affordable quality child care. This has made the USA to have a higher mortality rate for minority children due to the restrictions in access to public health programs and public assistance. Furthermore, lack of social programs has increased the rate of child abuse, violence and youth incarcerations.

At the end of Chris Gardner was offered a permanent position at Dean Witter. He achieved his success as a stock broker and slowly, Chris Gardner established his own Stock broker company which was a success.


Chris Gardner, a salesman of bone density scanner machine is intelligent, strong and hard working. He has a good self -esteem. Christopher is Chris Gardner`s 5-year-old son. He is smart, mentally strong and understands his father`s condition. Linda is an employee of a laundry services and Gardner`s wife. She is impatient, and bad tempered. The Taxi driver was furious because Gardner boarded his taxi and tried to evade paying the taxi fare by escaping from the taxi.


From being poor to being rich. This film tells us about the struggle of someone who went from being a nobody to somebody. It shows us how hard working and determination can change your future for the better. The story tells us about the complexities of not having a job as well as the consequences of not having a supporting wife/partner. It shows us the results of endurance. Chris Gardner tried his best to get into internship which was of course unpaid, and he had to get two jobs in addition. This tells us the importance of not losing hope, keep going. Chris Gardner`s love for his son helped inspired him to conquer all the bumps and bridges coming his way. It shows that having love and responsibilities for our children is enough to make us fight to do better in life,

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How does the movie pursuit of happiness relate to psychology?
The movie pursuit of happiness is a great example of how psychology can be used in everyday life. The main character, Chris Gardner, uses psychological principles to achieve his goals.
What is the tone of The Pursuit of Happiness?
The tone of The Pursuit of Happiness is optimistic and determined.
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