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Marriage in “Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan

In the novels The Joy-Luck Club, we learn about the customs and traditions of the engagement and marriage of the parents of the protagonists. Community used matchmakers to help find their children’s spouses. In both Asia and Eastern Europe, it was customary for the bride’s family to present the groom’s family with a dowry. What…

Amy Tan,

Joy Luck Club

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Comparison of “Joy Luck Club” and the “Third and Last Continent”

Conveying Theme Through Clothing In the Joy Luck Club and the Third and Last Continent, both written by Asian American authors, female characters are depicted as striving to find the right place in relationship and understand their identities. In both stories, female characters grow up with Asian culture while their husbands either grow up in…

Amy Tan,

Joy Luck Club

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Mother’s Expectations for Daughters in “Joy Luck Club” by Amy Tan

Mothers often expect daughters to be the best, despite if the mother themselves made many mistakes when growing up. In Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan both the beauties and atrocities of mother-daughter relationships are displayed. This story is about revelations daughters have when uncovering their mothers past. Realizing the experiences of the mothers…

Amy Tan,

Joy Luck Club

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release date

September 8, 1993 (USA)


In San Francisco, a group of aging Chinese women (Kieu Chinh, Tsai Chin, France Nuyen, Lisa Lu) meet regularly to trade familial stories while playing Mahjong. In a series of sixteen vignettes that spans generations and continents, this adaptation of Amy Tan's bestselling novel explores cultural conflict and the often-turbulent relationships between four first-generation Chinese-American women (Ming-Na Wen, Tamlyn Tomita, Lauren Tom, Rosalind Chao) and their mothers.… MORE


R 1993 ‧ Drama/Adaptation ‧ 2h 19m

Director: Wayne Wang

Music by: Rachel Portman

Adapted from: The Joy Luck Club

Box office: $32.9 million

Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Hollywood Pictures


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