An Overview of the Sport of Soccer

Updated August 1, 2022

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An Overview of the Sport of Soccer essay

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Soccer is a game played by two different teams of eleven players each. The players try to get the ball into the net of the opponent team while using any body part apart from the hands or arms. Anybody wishing to become an excellent football player should follow these essential steps; that other players have followed and realized their dreams of becoming professional soccer players.

Hard Work

Hard work is a fundamental quality that all top players in every sport must possess. If a
player expects to get better and progress in soccer, he must be willing to work hard. In this case, working hard involves understanding the game and spending many hours perfecting ball control, as well as keeping fit. A player can keep fit through running or attending the gym. One cannot become a good football player without working hard; there are no shortcuts. All the successful football players have worked hard to get to their professional status. Professional soccer players play for the best teams in the world, which is the dream of every player.


Keeping fit is a sign of commitment, because it shows that the player has sacrificed his time to work on a particular goal. In addition, for a player to commit, he must have self discipline. That includes the discipline of choosing to do the correct thing always. Furthermore, a player must be committed to teamwork. Soccer is all about teamwork, and the player has to develop a good relationship with the other players. Moreover, to become a good soccer player, one must adhere to all the instructions that the coach gives, and follow his game plan. However, this should not prevent you from displaying personal skills during a soccer match. That should not be in a manner that displays a selfish character, because selfishness on the field can work to the disadvantage of the team.

Believe in the Personal Ability to Achieve

There are many setbacks that one can experience in soccer, as a player. For example, one can make mistakes, and fellow players scream and yell at the player. In addition, the coach can tell a player that he is not an asset to the team. However, it is how the player deals with such setbacks that determine their success in the game. The player should have an internal belief that he can overcome all the negativity that may come his way. Furthermore, one can look for a mentor, a player who has succeeded in the game despite facing many challenges. That can make a player know that if someone else became a real soccer player after facing many challenges, then anything is achievable.

Good-Decision Making Abilities

Soccer has different situations that require the player to make quick decisions. The decision that a player makes can work positively or negatively for the team. Therefore, to become a good soccer player, one must make the correct decisions in such circumstances. A good soccer player makes decisions efficiently and quickly. A method that can assist a player in making good decision is to follow the history of a favorite successful player, playing in a similar position. For example, an aspiring striker can watch a video of a successful player playing, and see the decisions they make in different situations. Furthermore, it is essential for the aspiring player to note why the accomplished player made a decision in such a manner, and if it worked to the advantage of the team. The next time a player steps onto the field, he may find himself in a similar situation, and make a similar decision without much effort.

Evolve Personal Game Constantly

Following the above steps means that the player has advanced his game. If a player advances their personal game, other players will always work hard to catch up with the skills. Therefore, a good player will seek ways of taking their game a step forward. The player can achieve this by practicing more, and developing a routine that is both physically and mentally challenging. In addition, for a player to evolve their personal game, they must be willing to learn, adapt and grow. However, factors such as injuries can slow down the evolution of a soccer skills. Alan Shearer and Michael Owen are excellent examples of player who have continued to play in world cup tournaments despite experiencing a series of injury in their career. The players’ determination to succeed made them good soccer players loved by the people.


Every player dreams to succeed in their game of choice. The paper has established that hard work, commitment, believing in the ability to achieve, good decision-making abilities, and constantly evolving the personal game, as some of the factors that make one a good football player. In addition, players must be disciplined because, without discipline, success cannot happen. If a player follows the steps, he can become a good football player and attract the attention of the best soccer clubs in the world.

An Overview of the Sport of Soccer essay

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