All Year Round Deer Hunting

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Hunters should be able to hunt deer all year round because it will cause less accidents caused by deer. Hunting all year would manage wildlife population. There for keeping deer away from the highways causing less catastrophic car accidents. Hunting all year would also lead to a huge economic boon for outdoor outfitters. Hunters already spend millions of dollars every year on guns, gear, and clothing. So they would spend millions more of dollars if it lasted all year. It would also cause more competition and would in turn give way to better and more innovative products.

It would provide more funds for wildlife preservation and environmental clean up efforts because hunting licenses are one of the big funding contributors to state wildlife preservation efforts. If you were able to hunt all year long it would allow natural resource departments to charge more for hunting licenses.

Also hunting all year long can cut your grocery bill in half. You would have deer meat in the freezer so you wouldn’t have to buy beef from the store. You will have more money for other things like clothes and other foods. It would also attract new audiences to hunt. Most people believe it isn’t worth buying the gear because of how short the season is. They also don’t go because of the weather is harsh and cold in typical hunting season. They also think safety classes are a waste of time for a month long season.

Other people think you shouldn’t hunt all year long for these reasons. You cause a lot of suffering and death because you shoot animals and sometimes they don’t die right away. It also can lead to violence against humans. Some of the hunters don’t stop with animals and progress to people. Experts also have found out that there would be way more accidents occurring than normal season.

In conclusion hunters would like a longer season and researchers have proven that it may be effective for some cases. It will cause less wrecks because the deer population would be lower and there would be less diseases to wipe out the deer. It would also provide a big profit for the outfitters like Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop because the hunters would buy more gear and hunting stuff for the season because it is longer and they would go out more. But for other people they think hunting shouldn’t even be around for one season and they have their own knowledge about it.

The experts on their side say that it is bad and the animals suffer to much. It may also lead to abuse. So there are many sides and opinions to this argument. Hunters may not get a year long of hunting and the people who don’t like hunting it will probably not get taken away. So in the meantime we should just be happy with what we got. The battle between no hunting and hunting all year round will still go on but we can hunt for a month that is good for now.

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Can you hunt deer all year round in Texas?
No, in Texas deer may only be hunted during specific dates that differ by county.
What can I hunt all year round?
In general, you can hunt most game animals in North America during any month of the year. However, there are specific seasons for each animal, so you'll need to do some research before planning your trip.
Who has the longest deer season?
The longest deer season is in Texas and lasts for nine months.
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