A Modest Proposal To Prove Global Warming Is Actually Beneficial

Updated October 13, 2020

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A Modest Proposal To Prove Global Warming Is Actually Beneficial essay

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In today’s world where technology and people are constantly evolving, many disillusioned folks believe that global warming is actually an issue. Global warming is defined as a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere by people who are clearly deluded. I call it a blessing in disguise. This Environmental Armageddon is a lie constructed by socialists so we’ll spend all our time changing out our light bulbs and installing solar panels and completely overlooking their agendas. These liberals are trying to be heroes to humanity and want everyone to pat them on the back and say, “Thank you for saving our planet!” to boost their already enormous egos. The lies they tell! It’s outrageous! But I am a good samaritan and am here to tell you the truth. The planet does not need saving. I repeat: THE PLANET DOES NOT NEED SAVING! Afterall it has been around for 4.5 billion years and was fine before humankind got here and will be fine after the apocalypse that destroys us all. The planet warming up, the ocean levels rising, and the increase in carbon dioxide are all benefits to the environment, economy, and society in general.

We should burn more fossil fuels since we readily have them available such as coal instead of wasting time and resources developing alternative energies. Defeatists are saying that cutting trees is causing global warmer to increase but that is hardly true. Cutting trees creates more space for farming, urban and infrastructure development or to sell tree products such as timber and palm oil which help stimulates the economy and keep the money flowing. If we didn\’t cut trees, we’d be wasting the resources that Mother Nature has so generously provided us with. Instead of heeding these scientists who say we should be worrying about the Earth getting warmer because who are they to tell us what to do, we should be focusing on getting the Earth even more toasty. As Earth is getting hotter and hotter, people will not have to heat their house because the temperature would be so hot that central heating would not be necessary. This is beneficial because we won’t have to pay a high bill or buy winter clothes and boots and will actually save money.

As the Earth gets more warmer, the carbon dioxide levels in the air will increase and plant growth would also show an increase. Since plant growth will be on the rise, the price on fruits and vegetables will decrease. This will also produce enough food to help end world hunger. The rising sea levels are also a much needed benefit. With the water coming inland, cities will be submerged. Theses submerged cities will also create a tourist industry, which will provide revenue to the states and will help us humans to better adapt to the ocean and perhaps develop fins. Wouldn’t that be cool? Global warming is causing the ice caps to melt at the poles and this in turn is leading to the extinction of polar bears, reptiles, sharks and many other dangerous animals. We would not have to worry about these dangerous animals wandering the earth and attacking innocent people.

These liars need to stop asking, “Don’t we care what kind of planet we’re going to leave our children?” First of all, leaving a whole planet to a kid is an atrocious and appalling idea. You don’t have to give your kids the world to make them happy but just iPhones and a car for their 16th birthday. As mentioned before, global warming will indeed help you save money.

A Modest Proposal To Prove Global Warming Is Actually Beneficial essay

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