Total Gender Equality Will Never Exist

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Over the past century women have made significant progress in the area of gender equality. They got the right to study, work, vote and be elected. However, with real view to the life men and women can never be truly and totally and completely equal. There are several reasons for that.

First one is quiet obvious, we are physically different. Male athletes running the 100 metres will always run faster than a female. Male tennis players would always beat a female tennis player. The genetic make up of human body means that athletic men will always beat athletic women. So, take into consideration the physical difference, there exist a some difference that results in a lack of complete equality.

Another factor which will never allow it happen is biological and gender role in the life. Here is an example. Two ambition teachers man and women have equal education and started to teach in the college same time. After 5 years man (John) and women (Sandra) have worked the same amount of time and both want to have their own children and start a family. John is able to raise his family and stay on the job. He will only be absent a few weeks. Sandra will go on maturity leave. After having a few kids, Sandra is behind John on her carrier. She is making less money because she is the gender that gives birth and has had to take a lot more time away from her job. Therefore, in this case biological role is to blame.

Furthermore, historically society has developed some stereotypes that no one perceives them as such and believes that it should be like this. When I was a student I worked in the café. Two major task that had to be done at the end of the day were to take the trash outside to the garbage tank and wash the dishes. My man coworker opted to take out the trash and I opted to wash the dishes. Both of us would be capable of doing each task but we took the preferred roles what we have learn since childhood. This is exactly what Norah Vincent concluded in her book “Self-Mada Man”- “the behavior of man and woman is something that we learn.”

Finally yet importantly is that a person in the society needs self-identification with any group. The simplest and most obvious group is people of their gender. Normally the female as a human being is glad and proud that she is a woman and male sex person happy and proud that he is a man. So, what is the equality of men and women are we talking about? Who needs it? By nature we are different but we complement each other, help each other, love each other.

To summarize above saying I can only confirm that we all deserve equality but we can never achieve it because we are completely different in many aspects of the life.

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